30.08.2005 Lamborghini has released two short internet 'tasters' for new their Gallardo Spyder - due to be presented at the Frankfurt IAA in a fortnight's time

Lamborghini has released two short internet 'tasters' for new their Gallardo Spyder - due to be presented for the first time at the Frankfurt IAA in a fortnight's time.

The Frankfurt International Motor Show promises to be a highly significant event for the Bologna-based sportscar maker. Not only will the Gallardo Spyder make its debut, but the limited edition two-tone Gallardo SE will also premiere, while the 'chopped roof' Concept S will be seen in almost production-ready form.

Just two weeks before its debut Lamborghini presented two short internet virals that offers a quick glimpse at the Gallardo Spyder. As has become the format, Lamborghini emphasise the speed, raw power and sensual pleasure of their products. The virals are accompanied by the following text:

"When massive forces such as pressure and speed are exerted upon the human body, it produces a massive surplus of hendorphines that give up a unique feeling of freedom and lightness. Unfortunately, this 'high' does not last long. After about five minutes, half of this natural drug dissolves and our nerve cells are ready for a new stimulus. Are you prepared to face extremes? Are you prepared to go to your limits? Be prepared. The new Gallardo Spyder is coming. Fast."

The first film starts with an action-packed clip of a fighter pilot ejecting from a rail-mounted aircraft simulator which is moving at high-speed before offering a series of quick glimpses of the new Gallardo Spyder. The second film substitutes the fighter simulator with a skydiver and then shows a different series of glimpses at the new car.


Lamborghini will launch their mainstream Gallardo Spyder at the Frankfurt IAA in September, an event which is to be shortly followed by an Asian debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. First deliveries will start in early 2006. The Gallardo Spyder will incorporate an electro-hydraulic push-button soft-top. The car will represent the second soft-top in the Lamborghini range, and will be offered alongside the range-topping Murcièlago Roadster. The Murcièlago Roadster itself recently played a major role in the film Batman Begins, starring as the everyday car of billionaire Bruce Wayne (Batman) when not using the Batmobile.

Pictures of the new Gallardo soft-top have already been leaked, subject to a studio photo shoot. The yellow car clearly shows the car’s handsome new shape, which is less radical then that of the Murcièlago Roadster. Unlike the 493 bhp Gallardo coupé, the Spyder will be fitted with a 522 bhp version of the V10 engine. Various packages will also be available, including a special Smoker’s Package which replaces the standard cup holder with an ashtray.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Just two weeks before its debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show Lamborghini present a short internet viral that offers a peek at  the  new  Gallardo  Spyder

The Gallardo Spyder film starts with an action-packed clip of a fighter pilot ejecting from a rail-mounted aircraft  simulator

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

The Lamborghini internet viral goes on to offer a series of very quick glimpses  of  the  stunning  new  Gallardo  Spyder

Priced at $8,600 there is also a Carbon Fibre Interior Package (which is expensive to say the least), and will replace the standard dashboard, centre console, air vents and inner door areas with carbon fibre trim. Alongside this there will be a Leather Option, which is the same as the Carbon Fibre Interior Package. The Leather Option unbelievably includes the air vents being finished in leather instead of matte plastic (although this is also an option with Porsche and Audi). On top of this there will be a $4,000 special leather option which uses perforated Napa leather as on the Murcièlago. A Branding Package will include Gallardo Spider script on the dashboard and rear of the car and the CI shield in the headrests.

The striking and popular glass bonnet will not be an option on the Spyder, and is due to the positioning of the ragtop storage space which consumes a large portion of the engine bay.

At the moment no production orders of the Gallardo Spyder are being taken, although pre-orders from dealers are being put down. Many Lamborghini dealers in the USA have already received deposits for around 15-25 cars, so around 400 Spiders may already be spoken for the US market alone.

Gallardo Spyder - Film 1

Gallardo Spyder - Film 2

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