13.10.2005 The Fenomenon Holistic Design Stratos project - the world's first and only on-road and off-road supercar - has taken a step closer to production

The Fenomenon Holistic Design-created Stratos project - to realise the world's first and only on-road and off-road supercar - has taken a step closer to production.

Design house Fenomenon made three important announcements regarding their project, which pays homage by the legendary Lancia Stratos, on the occasion of the Frankfurt Motor Show last month. Firstly Fenomenon have obtained the unconditional support of Alitalia Airlines for the new concept car. Alitalia was the former sponsor of the 1970's mid-engined supercar and multiple World Championship rally winner which inspired the project. Secondly, they have completed the design development of three separate models, the Stratos Stradale (Coupé), the Stratos Barchetta (roadster) and the Stratos Competizione (club racing version). Finally, Fenomenon have announced that they have engaged British motorsport and automotive technology specialist Prodrive, to bring the Stratos to production reality.

"The original Stratos was one of the most successfully raly cars," said Chris Hrabalek, founder of Fenomenon. "When I first conceived the idea of developing the new car, I immediately thought it would be great if Prodrive could help make it a reality - the ultimate rally company making the ultimate rally icon." Fenomenon - founded by Hrabalek in 2003 - is a London-based vehicle design agency now owned by three equal partners: Chris Hrabalek, Serge Porcher and Sergio Suchomel.

Fenomenon Stratos
Fenomenon Stratos

Fenomenon Stratos

The design firm offers a complete concept development and engineering service for new vehicles, as well as imaginative solutions for the sub-branding and promotion of the product involved.

Prodrive Chairman David Richards rallied a Stratos in his early career so had a natural interest in Fenomenon's new project. He said, "When I first met with Chris at the Geneva Motor Show, I was impressed by his tremendous enthusiasm and vision. This is just the kind of project where Prodrive can bring all its skills and resources to bear." Working on behalf of Fenomenon, Prodrive is now examining the feasibility of all engineering aspects of the project, including the sourcing of components and the production process.

Fenomenon own the rights to the Stratos name, and the new car is especially targeted at emerging countries where the road surfaces are rougher. Many potential buyers live in countries where the roads will not support a modern low ground clearance supercar, the Stratos has been designed to be at home in this environment. To this end it features an exceptionally robust chassis, good ground clearance, long travel suspension and dust-proofing of the cockpit and engine air-intake systems. The new Stratos concept - which is 3932mm long, 1941mm wide (excl. mirrors), 1251mm high and with a wheelbase of 2275mm - was styled by Hermidas Attabeyki and developed by ADD in Paris, under the briefing and guidance of Fenomenon. The project has been executed independently of Lancia.

Prodrive's feasibility study - which will focus on technical and engineering aspects of the project - is expected to take 3-4 months to complete, so Fenomenon don't believe it likely that they will make any further announcement before early 2006. Fenomenon say that the styling of the Stratos has been finalised, and they are targeted production of around 50 cars per year over a three year period.

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