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08.09.2005 The stunning new BRERA sportscar will take centre stage in Alfa Romeo's sporty, elegant collection in Frankfurt next week

Sportiness and elegance combined in unique, exclusive styling. Harmonious forms and volumes which produce a beautiful, powerful, solid car, when they are supported by Alfa Romeo mechanical and engineering excellence. This is very briefly the spirit of the Alfa Brera, the new coupé which will arouse extreme emotions and guarantee superbly enjoyable driving. The engineers and stylists only had one goal: to combine sportiness with roominess and the quality of life on board.

To achieve this result, they started from the excellent premises of the fascinating Brera prototype, which had excited the press and the general public, winning numerous international awards: the 'Best of Show', awarded by Autoweek magazine at the Geneva Motor Show, 'Best of Show' in the Prototype category at the Villa d'Este Concours d'Élégance, two prizes for its category at the Bibendum Challenge 2002, one as 'one of the most elegant cars in the world'; and the title of 'the most fascinating car' at the Super Car Rally 2002 from Paris to Monte Carlo. A worthy curriculum, inherited by new Alfa Brera, which goes on the market at the end of 2005.

Captivating styling 

Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the model represents the state of the art in the world of the coupé, a strong compact car, mistress of the road with a strong personality. First of all, this fascinating '2+2' has generous dimensions: it is 1,830 mm wide, 4,413 mm long and 1,372 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,525 millimetres, although the heightened taper of the front and rear make it look very compact. This does not in any way diminish the elegance of the lines which flow smoothly, from front to back, right down to the built-in bumpers and light clusters with their converging wedge shape.

The exterior line is a succession of classical references, an ideal place where traditional Alfa styling cues are reproposed in a modern key. This is evident at first glance. For example, the rear window that recalls the window of the Giulietta Sprint of many years ago. Or the rear end which reiterates the distinctive traits of recent Alfa Romeo models. And at the front, the bonnet recalls those of cars of the Fifties, dominated by the shield set at the centre. And finally the larger rear light clusters and the four exhaust outlets reinforce the impression of a powerful sports car, like the large tyres and the sporty alloys that are standard throughout the range.

The Alfa Romeo Brera aims to maintain continuity with the past, while enlarging the interior space and raising the standard of life. On a car of great character, the driving position is the hub around which the interior is built. The Alfa Brera is no exception, as you would expect from a car born to offer exuberant performance and an extremely striking design.

Alfa Romeo Brera
Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera - World Premiere - 75th Geneva Salon
1st March 2005

Alfa Romeo Brera
Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera - World Premiere - 75th Geneva Salon
1st March 2005

Sophisticated, welcoming interiors

The Alfa Brera comes in two outfits, both lavishly equipped with electronic and telematic equipment, and the interior ambience is always welcoming and sophisticated, thanks to the original design, captivating colour and quality materials used for the trims, facia and seats. The interior of the new model epitomises distinctive sportiness, an impression that is heightened by the introduction of innovative solutions, such as the large fixed sunroof which increases the luminosity in the car and the passengers' sense of space, making the line sleeker and more flowing. The seats have built-in head-restraints and a sporty design, but this does not detract from comfort, which remains at the highest levels for this segment. And by folding down the rear seats, the luggage capacity is increased from 236 to 546 litres, which confirms the generous loading area.

Superb engineering technologies

The engine is the real strength of every Alfa model. Behind a fascinating line and strong personality, Alfa cars conceal a range of superb engines with advanced technology and generous performance. The same is true of the Alfa Brera, which offers a choice of two JTS petrol engines (2.2 delivering 185 bhp and 3.2 delivering 260 bhp), and a 2.4 JTDm turbodiesel that delivers 200 bhp (available in 2006), combined with a 6-speed sporty gearbox and complete with DPF filter. In other words, this is a car capable of exciting performance, but also ideal for everyday use.

The safety and dynamic performance of the top of the class

Fascinating styling, plenty of character and superb engineering. The Alfa Brera combines these distinctive features with others, playing its trump cards in the field of safety and dynamic behaviour. While 'enjoyable driving' has always been one of the strong points of any car from Alfa Romeo, 'enjoyable travelling' now becomes a necessary choice when the cars have to guarantee excellent comfort as well as the Alfa character. For this reason, the Alfa Brera fits high double wishbone suspension at the front and a Multilink system at the rear. This layout guarantees excellent dynamic performance but also superb comfort. Whoever sits at the wheel controls the behaviour of this truly great sports car, but certainly does not forgo the excellent comfort guaranteed by the suspension. To which the Alfa Brera adds a sporty trim, Q4 four-wheel drive on the 3.2 V6 version, and the most advanced electronic devices to control the car's dynamic behaviour (the sophisticated VDC system with sporty, non-intrusive calibration, complete with MSR and ASR).

Safe, powerful and with very personal styling, the Alfa Brera marks another step forward in the coupé market, a particular segment where Alfa Romeo with its fantastic tradition, has always been a protagonist.

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