17.10.2005 Derived from the concept car that made its debut at the 2004 Paris Show, the new production Panda Alessi will be on sale from January 2006 at an on-the-road price of about 12,500 euros

Derived from the concept car that made its debut at the 2004 Paris Show, today the new Fiat Panda Alessi version is a production car that will be on sale starting January 2006 throughout Europe at an on-the-road price of about 12,500 euros.

Alessi designs a new Panda version

Innovative and with an unmistakable style, the Panda Alessi is the result of cooperation between two brands famous throughout the world for their contribution to developing Italian design. Fiat and Alessi, in fact, have created a highly personal formal language that means one of their creations immediately stands out among the many mass-produced products. So in this sense the Panda Alessi is a concrete example of how a 'car object' can be re-worked in an aesthetic key by a brand operating outside the sector, exploiting those expressive traits that are always the mark of Italian design: innovation, styling and character. The new Fiat Panda version therefore shows how a 'stylistic dialogue' between two important industrial partners can yield unexpected results that make a strong emotional impact, provided the design project is conducted with total respect for the product's identity.

The exterior of the new version retains the Panda model's great personality, with certain new aesthetic and chromatic touches on the front grille, door panels and wheelarch trim. But also the bumpers, wheel trims and rear aerial have been redesigned. In detail, the eye-catching features of the Panda Alessi are a novel, exclusive wheel trim design, which incorporates Alessi's distinctive 'little man', the roof racks and white protective side mouldings, in addition to a body that can be 'dressed' in one of three colours: Narciso orange, Tagliente green and Cattivo black. Instead, the interior restyling of the car is even more marked: the instrument serigraphy has changed as have the textile and colour options for the seats (available in orange or green). The tunnel console has been completely redesigned and now incorporates an original round, all-purpose compartment (ideal for storing CDs) and a mobile phone support in silicone rubber. Lastly, the contour of the climate control unit and gear-shift insert are metal-coloured. And so Alessi, one of the most famous names in Italian design, has managed to exploit the model's versatility but without distorting its identity.

Safety and comfort for maximum well-being on board

The Panda Alessi is the safest supercompact in the entire category – the merit of a product designed to achieve the best possible levels of preventive, active and passive safety. But then the Panda model is a car of substance, a quality car. The foundation was, in fact, a 'robust' project for which the company made available its top resources and most advanced technologies. And the result is a reliable, quality car that can boast exclusive equipment in the fields of safety and comfort. For instance, torsional rigidity of the body is among the best for this category (70,500 Nm/rad), while it’s the only supercompact to have fully 99% of the interior surface covered by trim.

Fiat Panda Alessi

Fiat Panda Alessi

Thanks to its original line the Panda Alessi immediately expresses dynamism. And once on board it manages to transmit all the functionality and comfort of a higher category model. It is a very compact car but with surprising roominess: even though it's only 354 centimetres long, 158 wide and 154 high, the Panda Alessi can carry five passengers, has one of the largest luggage compartments (206 litres that becomes 236 with the sliding rear seat) and can boast the best overall roominess coefficient in its category.

Top class performance and fuel consumption

The Panda Alessi is equipped with the 1242 cc Fire engine, a champion in terms of low fuel consumption, although this in no way penalises performance. In fact the power unit – which develops a power output of 44 kW (60 bhp) at 5000 rpm and a torque of 102 Nm (10.4 kgm) at 2500 rpm – gives the car a top speed of 155 km/h, while fuel consumption is low (among the best in its category). Test results over a combined cycle indicated a consumption of 5.6 litres per one hundred kilometres. An appreciable result achieved thanks to the engine unit, which was designed to have a high torque at low revs (among other things this makes for a more pleasurable, flexible drive), and gear ratios specifically calibrated to lower consumption.

A wealth of content for customers who love Italian design

As this car can respond to a wide range of needs, and sometimes even conflicting ones, it makes the Panda the new benchmark for those who 'live' their car in complete freedom and like using it every day. And with the new Alessi version the Panda family has grown by offering yet another option for those who are looking for a car that's original seen from outside and has a wealth of features inside.

It can be said, in fact, that the 'economy car' concept has definitely been superseded, given the features offered as standard by the new Panda Alessi version: ABS, Dualdrive electric power steering, central locking, two front airbags, foglights and headrests for the rear seats. And there's still more: climate control, radio with integrated CD player, electric wing mirrors, driver's seat adjustable for height, 50/50 split rear seat, remote control and active handle on the tailgate.

And one last feature – for the first time in the Panda range the Bluetooth voice system, which ensures maximum safety when driving in all conditions, is now fitted as a standard feature. In fact the system allows customers equipped with a Bluetooth mobile to use the phone even if it's in a jacket pocket, bag or briefcase; it automatically lowers the radio volume (when switched on) and uses the stereo speakers to transmit the caller's voice: also a great benefit in terms of safety.

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