25.09.2007 Ferrari to launch new entry-level 4.3 V8 2+2 for 2008

Rumours surrounding Ferrari S.p.A.’s potential reincarnation of the legendary Dino brand have been circulating the media for quite some time already. Despite this, Ferrari has denied the Dino’s presence in their set future portfolio.

Amedeo Felisa, General Managing Director of Ferrari, confirmed in a recent interview that Ferrari will never build a 4-door car, or a cheap small model, and that the Dino is explicitly not on the cards. Alongside this, Felisa stated that Ferrari’s market position is to build cars offering over 400bhp with prices starting in the region of €130.000. This in hand gives a hint at what is currently being developed at Maranello.

Informed sources suggest that Ferrari is developing a new sports car, which is being developed under the F149 codename. In short the F149 is a compact 2+2 GT with a movable hardtop roof, fitted with 4.3-litre V8 engine and transaxle.

Producing around 450bhp, project F149 will be the first Ferrari to offer direct injection. The car is based on a newly engineered generation of aluminium platform, offering higher torsional rigidity than the F430. The F149 will also offer higher quality standards than its sister V8 model. As standard the F149 will come fitted with a F1 transmission, currently referred to as ‘F1 Superfast’. A manual transmission will be available as an option.


The new F430 based sportscar will utilise a fixed 'folding hardtop' room very similar in principle to the one pioneered a couple of years ago on the 575 M-based Superamerica.


At the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month Ferrari unveiled the extreme new 430 Scuderia, a lighter, faster and more powerful version of the F430 Coupé.

The F149 project is already undergoing its final stages of development, with a pre-series of cars now testing. For this new model, the Ferrari production lines are being restructured for an increase in production capacity. Production of the F149 will allegedly start to time it for a market debut in the first quarter of 2008. Official news is expected to arrive in the run up to the Detroit Motor Show in January 2008.

Developed as a direct competitor to the likes of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, the F149 will cost around €130.000 in Europe. This price is similar to that of the older 355 and 360 Modena models, with the F430 replacement set to increase in price as a result. Individuals who have seen 1:1 Pininfarina design mock-ups of the F149 project describe that it combines styling traits from both the F430 and the 599 GTB Fiorano. Speculation suggests that the new entry-level V8 model will be called 430 GT California


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