Legendary Italian sportscar manufacturer Ferrari will design and build engines for the new A1GP World Cup of Motorsport car, officials have just announced. A1GP Chairman Tony Teixeira confirmed that Ferrari will supply the engines, as well as consult on the design and manufacture of the new A1GP car, for introduction next season (2008/09), as part of a six-year deal with the firm.

The partnership with Ferrari extends to an exclusive licensing agreement for all A1GP merchandise to use the Ferrari name and phrase ‘Powered by Ferrari’ from January 2008. Ferrari will also supply the engines and consult on the design and manufacture of the chassis for A2GP – a new regional open-wheel feeder series to A1GP. Testing is scheduled to begin for the series in 2009.

Teixeira said: ‘Partnering with a world-class organisation like Ferrari will officially position A1GP one of the most significant motorsport series’ in the world.’ A1GP also maintained its commitment to commercial partners and fans as a principal factor in confirming the partnership. ‘Ferrari will bring immense value to our brand and in our opinion there is no better partner to progress the series,’ added Teixeira. ‘We will be meeting with our commercial partners over the next few weeks to discuss the opportunities this partnership presents.’


Driving skills and national pride celebrated in the ‘World Cup of Motorsport’ A1GP is the first opportunity in any area of motorsport to compete on a level playing field. It is a series where technology and innovation are deliberately equalised, making success dependent on human bravery and pure driving skill. Team and driver combine to create a performance advantage and the winning nation raises its flag in celebration. A1GP is more than just another motorsport phenomenon; it's an entirely new concept. Pitting driver against driver and country against country for the first time in history, A1GP brings together 22 nations, representing 80 per cent of the world's population, to compete as equals, without financial or technological advantage.

A1GP has created a new medium for national and international brands and organisations to promote themselves on a global scale. Through theA1GP World Cup of Motorsport, they can join forces with their national teams to become a part of this unique sporting event. The A1GP World Cup of Motorsport promotes countries and utilises the national patriotism instilled in every person on the planet not only attracting traditional motorsport and sporting fans but exciting anyone who is passionate about their heritage, country and population.

A1GP Events

An A1GP event is a fast, exciting, adrenaline fuelled weekend set in a glamorous and exclusive environment, yet affordable and accessible to all. With three days of on-track action, an A1GP event offers a rare opportunity for fans to interact with teams and drivers. Exclusively inclusive, A1GP brings the thrill of international motorsport to billions of fans across the globe.


The driving skills and national pride celebrated in the ‘World Cup of Motorsport’ A1GP is the first opportunity in any area of motorsport to compete on a level playing field.


Ferrari will supply the engines, as well as consult on the design and manufacture of the new A1GP 'World Cup of Motorsport' car, set for introduction next season (2008/09), as part of a six-year deal.


"Ferrari announces it has reached a technological collaboration agreement with the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport," said a brief statement issued in Maranello this morning. "The agreement covers the supply of engines and consultancy relating to the designing of the chassis for the cars that will compete in this series to 2014. The agreement will also be extended to a second series, the A2GP, for which testing will begin starting in 2009," the press release added.

Taking in a mix of established world-famous venues, exciting new state-of-the-art facilities and tight twisty street circuits, A1GP promises to deliver high-speed action at every turn.

A1GP History

On 30 March 2004, A1 Grand Prix, a brand new concept in international motorsport was launched to the world’s press at the prestigious Jumeira Beach hotel in Dubai. Series’ founder Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum unveiled his vision for an exciting yet accessible sport where all countries would compete on a level playing field. From this spark, grew A1GP, a series with deliberately equalised technology and national teams, racing their country flag in the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport.

From March 2004 onwards, Sheikh Maktoum and his business partner, Tony Teixeira, set about building the team that would bring this exciting concept to reality. British firms Lola International and Zytek Engineering were appointed to develop the chassis and engine respectively, based on the initial drawings of Sheikh Maktoum himself while US company Cooper Tires was chosen as the official A1GP tyre supplier. By July of that year, the first generation of A1GP race cars was ready to be unveiled. While Sheikh Maktoum focused on developing every strand of his initial vision, from the design of the cars, to the look and feel of the website, tickets, branding and overall consumer experience, Tony Teixeira set about attracting investors and potential team owners.

Over the following year, 25 national teams were developed representing countries as diverse in culture and economic prosperity as they were in their motorsport experience. Countries such as China and Lebanon would compete against the likes of the USA, Great Britain and France and with the launch of each team came the support of high profile sports stars and successful businessmen alongside world leaders and politicians.

After an intense testing programme, the final A1GP race car was built and August 2005 saw the newly formed A1 Teams take to the track for the first time. Throughout five days of testing at both the Silverstone Circuit in the UK and Paul Ricard HTTT in the South of France, the cars proved fast and reliable and an exciting spectacle was assured as the time had come for the first racing season to begin.

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