13.11.2008 The Yamaha FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corse Concept Bike

The Yamaha FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corse Concept Bike

Modifying material with the force of passion. This philosophy, which is close to the Yamaha and Scorpion brands, has inspired the creation of a unique Concept Bike, on which ideas of exclusiveness and beauty add value to the standard production. The resulting product, the FZ1 Abarth Assettoi Corse, is on show at a special exhibition, From 0 to 100”, that is celebrating one hundred years since the birth of Karl Abarth, and which will open in the Torino Esposizioni tomorrow (November 14) and run until December 14, 2008.

The FZ1 is the most powerful “naked” bike on the market, thanks to the 150 bhp of its engine derived from the supersporty R1; it has been embellished by carbon, aluminium and titanium components, ultra-adjustable suspension, monobloc brake callipers and daisy discs. Thanks to materials and technical solutions that have been experimented on circuits all over the world, the FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corse takes the riding experience to a higher level.

The FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corso is distinguished by the classic Abarth livery which combines the Scorpion and Yamaha’s three tuning-fork logo to create a unique, exclusive model, and a new stylistic and technological benchmark.

The unique concept bike is one of the many exciting exhibits that make up From 0 to 100. The fundamental concept of the exhibition is to demonstrate how the values that typified Karl Abarth’s life are present in the company today, guiding its choices one hundred years after his birth. For this reason, the exhibition traces the important stages of Abarth’s life and work, illustrating the brand’s most important moments, curious facts, life in the workshop, racing and successes seen with a thread that links the Scorpion’s past, present and future with its imaginative founder. And pictures, facts, anecdotes and numbers that were part of Karl Abarth’s life are displayed on the large walls, using striking dynamic visual communications techniques.

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