Spring time in Croatia marked the beginning of another season of get together meetings for Alfa Klub members with the Alfisti gathering together for the first time on far east side of Croatia in Vukovar.

Spring time in Croatia marked the beginning of another season of meetings for Alfa Klub members. And after twelve previous meetings that took place all over Croatia, the time had come for Alfisti to gather together for the first time on far east side of Croatia, in Vukovar.

The meeting was arranged for 16th March but a lot of the Alfisti arrived on the Saturday, a day earlier, prolonging the meeting over two days. Sightseeing with a help of the hosts, Athe club members also visited Ilok and enjoyed the magnificent views on the Dunav river. Club members also donated three computers which were bought from contributions by a large number of Alfa Klub Forum members.

This was the thirteenth meeting of Alfa Klub members, and at the same time the third year anniversary was also celebrated. The meeting started at 10:30 am. A big column of Alfa Romeos soon gathered on the "Hotel za samce" parking lot. Members came from all parts of Croatia, some even travelling for more then 700 kilometres in one direction to come on gathering. With the help of the warm spring time weather, traditional viewing of the many Alfa Romeos that assembled and talks about travelling to meeting went by quickly.

Under the escort of the Vukovar police a long convoy of Alfa Romeos went on to cruise through the city centre. More than 50 glorious Alfa Romeos in one place soon attracted a lot of attention from the citizens of Vukovar, who also welcomed us warmly. Assured parking on Vukovar city square provided a beautiful sight for all the Alfisti. Group photography of all arrivals will stay in memory of visiting Vukovar

After relaxing and drinking coffee in the scenic surroundings of the Dunav shores, the convoy of Alfa Romeos formed up once again and this time headed on to the restaurant "Radnički dom" for a sumptious lunch appointment. During a national cuisine flavoured lunch, the pleasant gathering of the Alfa Klub members continued until around 3 pm.

Planed tests to show off members' driving skills and the customary drag races were postponed due to organisation problems. But that certainly did not affect overall great mood of all Alfisti. And pleasingly, amongst the numerous enthusiastic members that visit Alfa Klub meetings on regular basis, there was also a large number of members that were joining us for the first time. At about 4 pm many of the visitors set off for home and as usual promised to one another to meet at the next official reunion.

That will be the fourteenth official Alfa Klub meeting will again be of an international flavour and will take place on the famous Grobnik race track on June 1st. Very pleasant hosts and the warm welcome provided by all the Vukovar citizens will stay in our memories for long time while the Alfa Klub Croatia also wants to thank all the members from Vukovar on successfully organising this years first big meeting.

by Neven Djurovic

Photos: Alfa Klub Croatia / For more information visit: www.alfisti.hr / 2008 Interfuture Media/Italiaspeed