12.07.2008 Alfa Romeo Club DE Portugal – Trip to Alentejo


The Alfa Romeo Clube de Portugal has continued with its 'road' programme for this year with a 500 kilometre weekend trip to the south of Portugal; the beautiful region of Alentejo receiving, with superb sunny weather, the Portuguese Alfisti.

The Alfa Romeo Club de Portugal has continued with its 'road' programme for this year with a weekend trip to south of Portugal. It followed on from April's much enjoyed trip by the club's members to the region of Montargil. This time, towards the end of June, the beautiful region of Alentejo was on the receiving end, with superb sunny weather, of the Portuguese Alfisti who covered a total of around 500 kilomteres of roads during the event.

The Saturday schedule began with a much appreciated track session at the Evora karting circuit with the Alfa Romeo owners' taking part, and this driving experience was a great way to start this event with lots of fun had by everybody.

Following the roadbook over the area's perfect road surfaces, the next stop was a visit to the historical Palace of Vila Viçosa, and really what a 'must see' for anybody was was the splendid the inner spaces of this highly impressive XVI century historic building. After lunch, the rest of the day was passed driving our Alfas, enjoying each twisting corner, each mile on the road, and always, hearing the addictive sound of their motors.

The cultural focus of the club's trips is always placed very high on the agenda, and besides the very enjoyable stay in the superb Castelo de Vide during that night, the stunning Estremoz and Marvão castles visits were a high point for all. And just what fantastic landscapes these places can offer, they are really unrivalled.

All in all it was one more ejoyable trip organised by the Alfa Romeo Club de Portugal and one more couple of pleasant days passed with so many people who have in common the passion for this “way of life”, namely Alfa Romeo cars.

It’s really impressive the bond that the biscione can create with their fans. And the more the Alfisti take in knowledge of the glorious past of Alfa Romeo and their engineering achievements, the more the passion grows. For more information on the Alfa Romeo Club de Portugal please visit www.clubealfistaportugal.com

by Orlando Ferreira

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