StudioM and Alfredo Stola's StudioTorino have presented images of a 1:4 scale model of what they dub as a Maserati 'Cinqueporte', a one-off shooting brake-style creation based on the Quattroporte saloon.

The Cinqueporte project is seeking to embrace the traditions of shooting brake conversions to high performance, luxury vehicles, creating the useability of an estate without taking away from the styling and donor car's DNA. The designer have tried to use the Maserati's lines to create a strong effect at the rear, a car sitting on powerful haunches.

Externally the Cinqueporte incorporates a bi-colore effect paint finish, the car's body is white but the B-pillar, door mirrors are new rear windows are all framed in a polished gloss black. The front end also gets reworked, a new bumper/spoiler section is much sharper and aggressive than onthe standard model, and features large air-cooling cutouts. Under the bonnet the specifications remain the same.

This special Quattroporte project has been commissioned by an Arab customer who in the past has bought several estate-style cars based on Ferraris to use in the desert. The advantage to this is - explain StudioM - that the homologation requirements of this market makes it feasible to develop new folding rear seats and adapt the fuel tank positioning in order to turn the car into a genuine and practical 'shooting brake'.

The project is being realised by StudioTorino which was founded by Alfredo Stola almost three years ago shortly after he divested himself of his interests in Stola Group, the famous Italian automotive prototyping firm founded by his grandfather. At the time he said the intention was to develop the 'automotive art' that had made Italy famous across the world. Since then StudioTorino has focused on developing its own styling interpretations for several Porsche models, working with tuner Ruf Automobile from  Pfaffenhausen in Germany to create limited-edition runs based on the Boxter, Cayman and Carrera, with every panel coming under the interpretation of its craftsmen who adhere to tradition principles.

While the interior and price remain undisclosed, StudioM has experience in creating an opulent new interiors as they recently re-fitted a Quattroporte in luxurious materials for a private customer in a project that eventually came out at 350,000 euros.

2008 Interfuture Media/Italiaspeed