JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08
JANA '08

'Giacomo Bertolio - stile per l'automobile' is a new design consultancy based in Turin which has presented details of its first study a concept focused on practical and technically feasible innovations for the everyday needs of the driver.

'Giacomo Bertolio - stile per l'automobile' is a new car styling consultancy based in Turin, the world capital of auto design. Chief Designer Giacomo Bertolio, a former student of the renowned Istituto Europeo di Design (the only car design school which exhibited a model at the Geneva International Motor Show this year), aims to freelance for both manufacturers and established styling houses.

Projects are directly modelled in Alias Studio Tools, the world-leading CAS software for automotive surface modelling, therefore shortening the creative process. Being Turin-based, the studio has easy access to a unique knowledge base of the car industry, from model builders to engineering services.


As a first showcase for his activity, Giacomo Bertolio has decided to show a concept  detaching itself a bit from the current trend of out-and-out sportscars or ecology-conscious hybrids. Jana ’08 is instead a pure concept focused on practical and technically feasible innovations for the everyday needs of the driver, such as easy access, ample cabin space within compact dimensions, visibility and optimized weight distribution when the car is fully laden, packed in an attractive and different bodywork. Jana ‘08 is ideally based on the floorpan of the Mini, one of the biggest technical and sales successes in the B Premium segment.

Jana is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning People, used in the national Indian anthem Jana Mana Gana. Jana ‘08 is an ancient woman’s given name of the Hindu-European area. Jana recalls also the myth of the Latin god Janus Bifrons, inspired by the peculiar rear-facing seats.



Jana ‘08 is equipped with scissor doors allowing easy entry and exit in the most confined spaces. A revolutionary tailgate sliding on the roof eases off loading and unloading in the tightest of parking places, as well as giving comfortable access to the rear facing passenger seats. Therefore Jana ‘08 with all apertures in opening position has an identical footprint to when it is fully closed. Opening doors and tailgate are governed by safe electro-hydraulical mechanisms and do not overlap in fully extended position, being guided by the ingenious roof rails. 


Jana ‘08 is unusually equipped with rear facing rear seats, providing passengers in the back with ample space to stretch their legs, easy access through the large sliding tailgate, a view unobstracted by the front headrests and better safety in case of accident, especially for kids. A large mirror is installed on the inside of the rear hatch centre pillar allowing vision of the road ahead and preventing sickness.

Luggage is stored between the seat rows in order not to be thrown around in case of accident. A single central airbag protects the four heads of the occupants. Weight distribution is optimized with all masses leaning toward the centre, with no difference when the car is fully laden. 


Divided in three sections, the full-length rails on the roof of the Jana ‘08 represent not only a distintive styling cue, but serve also many different functions: in the front section, glued to the windscreen, they conceal the wipers and reinforce the structure acting as thin A-pillars made of high-tensile steel; in the centre section on the roof, they guide the sliding tailgate, act as rain gutters, channel the sunroof and provide mounting points for the optional luggage rack; and in the rear section, they hide the rear screen wiper and the aerial, strengthening the tailgate glass and acting visually as C pillars.


The structure of the Jana ‘08 is built around the sturdy B-pillars, transmitting loads on the robust longitudinal shoulders in case of rollover. They are connected to an exceptionally rigid roof and are placed in the less used parts of the passengers’ visual field. A-pillars are relatively slim in order to allow for a panoramic view for the driver; for the same reason C pillar are absent, only visually substituted by the prosecution of the roof rails on the tailgate. The cruciform structure on the sides contain all safety elements such as side impact bars, airbags and foams. The cross structures of the front and rear are made of composite materials absorbing energy and regaining shape in small impacts.



Jana ‘08 sports ample glass surfaces extending to the lower part of the car, providing natural light to the footwells and a sensation of intimacy with the road. The windscreen offers an all-round view only slightly interrupted by the slim A-pillars. Chrome surroundings are placed strategically only around windscreen and front side windows in order to emphasise driving cockpit.

The panoramic rear screens, separated by the centre pillar of the hatch, are complemented by the lower windows. The glass arrangement is a welcome break from the usual ratio between metal and glass of traditional cars, innovating the classic architecture based on A, B and C pillars.


Jana ‘08 has two imposing front wheelarches characterizing its profile and substantially dimensioned in order to accomodate the complex mechanism of the scissor doors. The shape of the wheelarch suggests the rotary movement of the opening doors. They also emphasise the front wheel drive and engine layout of the sporting Mini chassis the Jana ‘08 is based upon. The rear wheelarches are integrated into the back shoulders in order not to cause a mirroring effect between the front and rear of the car, as well as to visually enhance the length of the compact bodywork.


Rear view mirrors are one of the most distinctive details of the Jana ‘08. Like all modern compact cars, the Jana sports a “cab forward” layout maximizing interior space within a short overall length. This generally causes an unpleasing short bonnet line. The Jana mirrors add visual length to the bonnet they directly sprout from with simple and flowing lines. Their design resolves also brilliantly the difficult meeting point between the strong door shoulder and the wheelarch.


The cross-theme is repeated on all sides of the Jana ‘08 bodywork. The cruciform protruding elements have a safety role, while the recessed compartments on each side have a functional task. Glass surfaces are recessed for lower exposure in case of side impact and for better cleaning in bad weather driving. On the front, the lower recesses contain the air intakes while the upper ones give access to the engine compartment. Even the four individual seats show the cross-theme, albeit inverted. Finally, crossed elements help in visually slimming the compact bodywork of the Jana ‘08.


Front engine, Diesel cycle, 1,6 litre, 4 cylinders
Front wheel drive
6-speed automatic transmission
Power 80 Kw (110 hp) @ 4000 giri/min
Torque 240 Nm @ 2000 giri/min
Maximum speed 188 km/h (117 mph)
Fuel consumption 6,6 x 4,2 x 5,1 l/100 km (42,8 x 67,3 x 55,4 mpg)
Dimensions 3850 x 1690 x 1450 mm
Unladen weight 1250 Kg
Luggage capacity 350-1100 dm3


In addition to the Aubergine launch colour, the following shades have been expressly developed for the Jana ‘08: Lipstick - Snow - Sunburst - Outerspace - Sage - Saffron – Aluminium – Zinc – Gunmetal – Oxblood – Vanilla – Chocolate - Morning – Midnight.

Text & Photos: Giacome Bertolio / © 2008 Interfuture Media/Italiaspeed