Pininfarina Extra, founded in 1986, is the Pininfarina Group design company which does not work in the transport sector. In just over fifteen years Extra has earned recognition in its own right and built itself a clear identity. Today it applies its professional skills and talent in a wide range of sectors, and Pininfarina products have made a name for themselves on the leading world markets.

Pininfarina Recchi Buildingdesign is the name of the new company created out of the 50-50 joint venture between Pininfarina Extra, company specialised in product and interior design within the Pininfarina Group, and Recchi Ingegneria e Partecipazioni, an engineering services holding company.

The objective of the joint venture is to share the experience and knowledge accumulated by Pininfarina in interior, exterior and concept design, and by Recchi in project and construction management.

The new company will focus specifically on providing integrated services with high added value in the fields of Design (under the "Pininfarina" brand) and Engineering (under the "Recchi" brand) for Italian and international projects. Pininfarina Recchi Buildingdesign's activities will be aimed particularly at those international markets where awareness of Italian design brands is high or growing, such as the United Arab Emirates and areas of China (Shanghai) and Russia (Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics).

A new Chairman will be chosen for the joint venture every three years. For the first three-year period the newly created company will be led by Paolo Pininfarina, President and CEO of Pininfarina Extra.

"For our business, this new company will be above all a chance to promote design," said Paolo Pininfarina, "but it also represents an opportunity to develop new interests and to reinforce our presence in the dynamic fields of engineering and construction. These are fields in which Recchi has been successfully operating for decades. The joint venture also shows the ability of two Turin-based businesses to come together, particularly in the year in which our city has been named World Design Capital and will host the XXIII World Congress of the International Union of Architects."

"We are proud to be undertaking this activity with Pininfarina, a brand which has brought Italian design to the world," said Claudio Recchi, Chairman and CEO of Recchi Ingegneria and Partecipazioni. "Working in international markets, for example the United Arab Emirates, where we are involved in significant project and construction management ventures, we have seen how 'Italian style' is increasingly sought after and appreciated in the building-design sector, from the overall concept of the building to the details of the interior design. Being able to offer a high-quality product, together with the ability to offer clients comprehensive production engineering for the project, creates unbeatable added value in a sector which is both extremely dynamic and extremely competitive."

2008 Interfuture Media/Italiaspeed