JAC A108
JAC A108

At the Guangzhou Motor Show, the new A108 saloon car, designed and developed by Pininfarina for the Chinese carmaker JAC, has secured the Best Car in Show award.

The first fruits of the design and engineering collaboration between JAC and Pininfarina, which got underway in 2005, are the A108 3-box saloon and the 2-box variant, the A107, for which Pininfarina developed the styling and the engineering.
The two cars share a few immediately recognisable stylistic elements such as the graphics of the front headlights, which sinuously embrace grille, giving the nose a sporty, elegant, exclusive line. The meticulously balanced proportions of the 3-box saloon give it a touch of class that is only usually evident in up-market cars.

There is a pleasant interplay between the concave and convex surfaces on the well proportioned sides, which give the car a solid, agile profile. Pininfarina paid a great deal of attention to the design of the rear volumes in order to ensure that each variant has a character of its own, while sharing the same front.

While the 3-box model successfully conveys the impression of a luxury premium car that is difficult to find in such a small car, the two-box A107 has a sporty image that is created by the absence of the boot volume. The ergonomic interiors are carefully furnished, with innovative elements. The simple, sophisticated lines create a youthful but elegant passenger compartment. Great care was taken to optimise the use of space, where both passenger comfort and luggage loading are concerned.


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