First images of the Roadster version of the jet-fighter inspired Reventón have been released today the new Lamborghini supercar gears up for its world premiere at the 63rd Frankfurt IAA next week. Its debut comes two years after the first showing of the ultra-exclusive Reventón which was unveiled at the last edition of the same German motor show two years ago. Then the striking Murciélago LP640-based Reventón, which boasted extreme body styling influenced by the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, the latest generation of developed fighter aircraft to utilise stealth technology, was sold out before its debut in the halls of the Frankfurt IAA.

Named after the bull that killed toreador Felix Guzman in 1943 the Reventón came with a huge price tag of US$1,000,000 excluding taxes which placed it in the most extreme leagues of automotive exclusivity and all 20 of this limited edition beast were pre-sold sold, with unusually less than half consigned to orders in the States. The Reventón Roadster will now be sold at a premium to the coupé version.

Since the Reventón burst forth two years ago Lamborghini has squeezed even more performance from the base muscular Murciélago theme on which it rode, and in the spring of this year it debuted the Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce now boasting 670 bhp and a similar 660 Nm from the 6.5-litre V12 engine. This model will underpin the new Reventón Roadster version.

While the Roadster has adhered closely to the styling of the original coupé model, the car is heavily reworked around the cockpit area now that it has lost the fixed roof section and the height of the pillars has been reduced. The glass has been taken from the Murciélago Roadster while a new engine cover has been designed which embeds the Reventon's angular theme into the open-topped model's more usual overall shape. The result has been to split the engine cover glass sections down the middle, creating sharper angles to the glass that fits the car's styling objectives, with a new double-arrow feature between the glass, and topping it off with a small wing that also houses a high-level brake light.

Other key features of the Reventón Roadster will include Lamborghini's robotised e-gear system, which changes the gears faster than even the most expert driver, as standard. In addition, the Murciélago's permanent Viscous Traction four-wheel drive system ensures that every force is constantly translated into movement. Limiting the original Reventón to a production run of just 20 units was generally regarded to have been a mistake as the market could have soaked up many more and so this time Lamborghini hasn't yet decided on a production number, preferring to leave it to the last minute as it gauges customer demand.

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