Lancia renews its commitment to pressing social issues by taking on a starring role in one of the most significant celebrations of the last few years. The fall of the Berlin Wall changed history forever, and today it is increasingly seen as a symbol of all the struggles against the barriers to knock down, both physical ones as well as cultural ones in particular.

On 9th November, a fleet of Lancia Delta cars will be accompanying all the numerous institutional guests along the streets of the German capital up to Brandenburg Gate where the spectacular celebration ceremony will take place.

Lancia’s engagement will also be testified by one of the dominos for the Festival of Freedom onto which the brand will be able to imprint its DNA, interpreting this historic moment through its values and its own identity. “Delta” is the symbol for difference, for that additional factor which drives every evolution, every improvement and this is why the Lancia saloon has always been the carrier of messages and actions which have defied the status quo.

An example of this is the advertising campaign starring Richard Gere which raised awareness amid the public opinion on the Tibetan issue and the moving 30’’, aired at the beginning of the year, which paid homage to Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace winner in 1991, in support of her liberation. This latter project was devised on the occasion of the 9th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prizes which took place last December in Paris and which is scheduled this year to take place in Berlin itself, following the celebration of twenty years since the fall of the Wall.

The 10th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prizes will in fact open its doors on 10th November and the main theme will be the knocking down of social and cultural barriers, which still exist in many places around the globe today. Lancia will be the Main Sponsor of the Summit and the fleet of Lancia Delta cars placed at the disposal of the event will have the honour of accompanying the Nobel prize winners taking part.

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