On the occasion of the Internazionale per la Sicurezza Stradale presenting its annual Targa Blu awards today, the Lancia Delta ECOCHIC has been awarded the title of Premio Q-Air 2009 for the characteristics of its air-conditioning system that ensures maximum well-being and safety on board. The awards ceremony was held today in Rome at the Sala delle Conferenze della Camera dei Deputati, the Conference Room of the Chamber of Deputies (Palazzo Marino).

Now in its third edition, the prestigious Targa Blu primarily rewards roads agencies that have distinguished themselves both in Italy and abroad in their contribution to the development and implementation of increased safety and security on the roads and in improving mobility. This year saw the Targa Blu Honoris Causa awarded to two cities in Spain and Slovenia, in addition to honouring ordinary Italians who took part in the mission of support and solidarity that was enacted in the aftermath of the earthquake in Abruzzo, named Colonna Mobile BLU 1 Polizia Locale Italia.

The Lancia Delta model variant ECOCHIC was conferred by the Internazionale per la Sicurezza Stradale with the new award Premio Q-Air 2009 which was sponsored by the European Group On Vehicle Air Indoor (EGO-VAI Q) and attributed to the car that provided the best quality for its occupants thanks to featuring a sophisticated on-board air conditioning system. The climate inside the car is a major factor in the comfort level attained during a journey and is also an important component in the area of preventive safety as temperature, humidity and ventilation are all factors that affect the driver's welfare and therefore his attention level without forgetting that the heating and ventilation system is also used to defrost the windshield and side windows.

2009 Interfuture Media/Italiaspeed