Reworking the Alfa Romeo Brera S 3.2 with Autodelta's supercharging system, the finely-honed result of almost a quarter-century of developing and applying forced induction principles to Alfa Romeos, completely transforms it and turns the Brera S into a high-performance sportscar perfectly in sync with the driver.


One year on from the commercialisation of the Autodelta J4 2.2 C, Autodelta has raised the Alfa Romeo tuning bar once more with the arrival of a bespoke package for the 3.2-litre V6 version, which completes the petrol engine range upgrades for the Alfa 159 and in the process create a car pushing at the performance boundaries, in true Autodelta fashion.


Not available as part of Autodelta's upgrade options, this specific car has been reworked by its engineers to allow them to begin our future development phase of the new 4.7 V8 engine, and included intensive testing on leading European race tracks where the Alfa 8C Competizione was born to stretch its agile legs.

Autodelta will get the ball rolling on Alfa Romeo’s centenary year in some style with an exhibition of some of the Italian marque’s most significant historic-to-modern cars at PistonHeads: The Performance Car Show which will take place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, 14-17 January, alongside the world’s biggest racing car show, Autosport International. It will be a double celebration, as moulded into a swage of significant Alfa Romeos will be exhibited key models from Autodelta’s own rich history. The two will be indivisibly bound together in a timeline that graphically emphasizes the enduring bond that has always existed between Autodelta and Alfa Romeo and demonstrates how the modern-day Autodelta ceaselessly strives to live up to the legendary ideals of the historic Alfa Romeo tuning division. The Alfa Romeo collection to be shown has been specially curated through the unrivalled expertise of Auto Italia magazine.

Today Autodelta is the leading aftermarket Alfa Romeo design and tuning house, setting the worldwide standard for redefining Alfa Romeo’s evocative models, creating bespoke masterpieces that fuse optimized performance and dynamic capability, turning them into the unrivalled products that Alfisti demand. Our almost quarter of a century of refining Alfa Romeos has always been driven by passion expressed in the pursuit of innovation and technical excellence. Today Autodelta’s supercharging systems bring to life the Italian sports cars in a way that few can imagine before they take a test drive, and its engineers continue to think outside the box, resolving automotive taboos whenever they stand in its way, such as creating perfectly driver-friendly front wheel drive cars more than 400 bhp available or applying forced induction to Alfa Romeo’s range of direct injection petrol engines.

Headlining the exhibition of cars at the NEC next month will be the two brand-new models from Autodelta: the Autodelta J4 3.2 C and the Autodelta Brera S 3.2 “Compressore”; these cars received their world preview last month and are set to join Autodelta's product range in January. Alongside these high performance sports cars that fuse the core values of Autodelta, Alfa Romeo’s historic tradition, and the requirements of Alfisti, will be a very special car: the world’s first tuned Alfa 8C Competizione. Autodelta has already refined one of these breathtaking machines that have galvanized the marque in the minds of the public and media alike with their retro-looks and powerful 4.7 V8-litre engines.

Not available as part of Autodelta's upgrade options, this specific car has been reworked by its engineers to allow them to begin our future development phase of the new 4.7 V8 engine, and included intensive testing on leading European race tracks where the Alfa 8C Competizione was born to stretch its agile legs. The car it will present at the PistonHeads: The Performance Car Show has had the ECU software remapped to optimize response. There is a small rise in power output after the changes (17 bhp) and torque (20 Nm). Autodelta is also working on chassis and suspension upgrades that will be presented at a later date.

Other significant Autodelta models to be displayed in Birmingham will include the recent one-off coachbuilt Autodelta Spider Superflow, the Autodelta 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super which Jeremy Clarkson test drove on Top Gear and commented that: “Mad amount of power and astounding grip make this the hottest hatch ever”, as well as the supercharged Alfa Romeo SZ coupé, a staple high-performance product of Autodelta’s workshops throughout the 1990s.

For the exhibition of illustrious Alfa Romeos that will be shown alongside the Autodelta models, Autodelta has chosen around two dozen significant iconic cars that overlap with the history of Carlo Chiti’s legendary Autodelta racing division and then the later years of the design and tuning house of the same name, creating a tangible timeline, that will allow the visitor to chase their way through a fascinating history, and see and feel the bonds that becomes one. Many of the cars to be shown were in fact taken by these tuning companies through the years and reworked into the ultimate expression of Alfa Romeo sports tradition.

This exotic collection, which has been brought to life through the knowledge, passion and curating skills of Auto Italia magazine, will include the pretty Junior Zagato which given a skin-stretched-tight body by the famous Milanese design house and inspired the racing Giulietta Sprint Zagato, the muscular Montreal with its race-bred 2.6 litre V8 engine, the pretty little Alfasud which took the marque into a whole new territory and reshaped its values, the Giulia GTA which brought so much touring car racing glory to Milan, with its amazing on-track success, and bringing the display up-to-date, the new MiTo.

PistonHeads: The Performance Car show

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Autodelta is the acknowledged leading global aftermarket Alfa Romeo design and tuning firm. In 2007, Autodelta celebrated its 20th anniversary. Autodelta has built a reputation for its range of exclusive, bespoke, high-performance models which maximise Alfa Romeo engine capabilities and optimise chassis dynamics. As well as these Autodelta-branded cars, Autodelta offers engine, chassis, braking, electronic, suspension and styling upgrades for most current and recent Alfa Romeo models, and offers a range of Autodelta-branded performance products through its Autodelta Sportline and GTA Racing parts programmes. Autodelta operates internationally through its world headquarters and factory located in Park Royal, London, and through a series of authorised agents worldwide. For more information, visit www.autodelta.co.uk

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