Alfa Romeo will be represented at the "Bovet Italia Classica 2010" this month by an array of historic-to-modern cars including the 2000 Sportiva of 1954 (top) and the current-day 8C Spider (bottom).

Alfa Romeo will be taking part in a special event, the “Bovet Italia Classica 2010” from 20 to 26 September, an exclusive mobile display of historic cars which will stretche through all of Lazio’s most spectacular streets before reaching the capital and entering the gardens of the Quirinale for a Concorso di Eleganza that is scheduled for 25 September.

This year the event is particularly important since it celebrates two historic milestones in motoring: 100 years of Alfa Romeo and 80 years of Pininfarina. Two anniversaries of extraordinary significance, which explains why the “Bovet Italia Classica 2010” has the patronage of the Head of State, emphasising the symbolic importance of two car manufacturers that have lent prestige to Italian creativity and style.

Arriving from all over the world, the participants will cover about 1,500 km of B-roads through dramatic landscape on board their precious historic cars, stopping every day in the region’s most famous aristocratic residences, generally closed to the public. The colourful journey will come to an end on Saturday 25th, at the gardens of the Quirinale, where the famous Concorso di Eleganza will take place, with Paolo Pininfarina presiding over the jury, which also includes the chief designer of the Fiat Group Lorenzo Ramaciotti, luxury entrepreneur Nicola Bulgari, CEO of the Prada group Patrizio Bertelli, stylist and gentleman driver Giorgio Schon and chairman of the Hachette Italia group Stefano de Alessandri.

Among the many cars present there will also be four cars from the Alfa Romeo History Museum: the “2000 Sportiva”, an exclusive gran turismo from 1954 which will take part in the event together with a modern Alfa Romeo 8C Spider, while the “6C 2300 Mille Miglia” (1938), the prototype of the “Giulietta Spider” (1956) and the “33 Stradale” (1967) will take part in the Concorso di Eleganza at the Quirinale. Also, a parade of a dozen Alfa Romeo historic cars, a selection of those which best represent the history of the company, will provide the backdrop for these extraordinary vehicles, including an 8C Le Mans driven in the ’30s by the legendary Tazio Nuvolari. The event will also star the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta: this the best way to assert the unique position of the brand in the international automotive scene, a heritage made up of cars and designers, races and engines, style and innovation that have marked the technological progress and sports events of the 20th century.

The Giulietta and 8C Spider are the result of Alfa Romeo’s new direction in style and technology, begun in 2006 with the 8C Competizione supercar. Alfa Romeo cars, both yesterday and today, have always stood out on the international scene for their essential style, capable of transmitting powerful emotions, and consistently state-of-the-art technology, as well as top-level handling and driving pleasure.

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