After the long and cold winter in Milan, the Fiat Open Lounge has reopened in the heart of the city and the "summer garden" themed initiative kicked off with a special evening dedicated to music and art: 20th Century Fluon.

After the long and cold winter in Milan, the Fiat Open Lounge has reopened in the city. The "summer garden", Fiat adjudged to have had a successful inaugural season last year, and so this initiative is set to hold an array of events over the coming few months. Last year the venue, located in the grounds of the Executive Lounge on Milanís trendy Via De Tocqueville 3, played host to the Fiat Yamaha Teamís birthday party celebrations as well as the "anniversary" of the special edition Fiat 500 Barbie, created by Fiat Centro Stile to honour the famous toy doll, amongst other high profile evenings, both of these events attracted more than four hundred guests.

This yearís programme of evening events at the Fiat Open Lounge recently kicked off with 20th Century Fluon. For the occasion the marquee lounge was dominated by the colours red and white, as well as the effect of steel, to emphasise advanced technology, respect for the environment and mood, while these colours also identify the Fiat brand's logo, and in particular, the stylish new 500C.

The first party of the year became a bright environment of fluorescent colours and musical rhythms thanks to the DJ-ing of ďAndyĒ, who is a former member of Bluvertigo and 360į. The artist is known in Milan for mixing genres and means of expression through his role as a musician as well as that of an artist and designer, and in the latter guise earlier this year he created a special surrealist Fiat 500 decorated in motifs in fluorescent colours.

Getting the inaugural night of this year, that aimed to fuse new wave music and contemporary art, underway at the Fiat Open Lounge, was Italian showgirl and actress Laura Barriales, who opened the event aboard a themed red-and-white Fiat 500. He Fiat 500, continued a pattern: last year the small car, which is a perfect symbol of Italian design, was an integral part of the Fiat Open Lounge, with the special fashion-designed 500 by Diesel, 500 Barbie and 500 Pink, all being shown on different evenings in the "garden" throughout one of hottest summers that Milanís has seen for many years.

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