Lancia has becme the first European car manufacturer to develop an iPad application that lets the user virtually enter a car through the Apple tablet's integrated gyroscope. This application for iPad that celebrates and introduces the new "mini flagship" is available for free on the iTunes Store. Available in Italian and English and developed by the Lancia brand in collaboration with Seac02 (a developer of virtual reality and "augmented reality" software), the interactive application makes use of the technological potential of the Apple tablet offered by the integrated gyroscope. It is actually possible to get on board the Lancia Ypsilon through 360 spherical panoramas and discover the trim levels by moving the iPad in space. Even the observation point can be selected: driver, passenger and rear seat. So by orienting the iPad in the direction you want to look, the movement sensors guarantee a visual experience inside the new car. As an alternative, you can rotate the viewpoint of the spherical image after disabling the gyroscope with a special command and touching the touch screen. The car can be turned through 360 in the "Exteriors" section, again by touching the touch screen, to discover its lines and colours in addition to taking a close look at some brand-new details just by clicking. Technology and elegance are the guidelines of all the App's sections, which sets itself apart through the selection of attractive and sophisticated images and videos, as the "Fascination" section demonstrates. Style and innovation are also found in the "Highlights" area. It offers videos of interviews with the designers and engineers that conceived and made the new Ypsilon. The application also reveals the technology of the Lancia city car through in-depth images and reports, as well as its accessories in a photo gallery. Finally, Lancia devotes an entire section to the history of the Ypsilon model: from its birth in 1985 to the debut of the new Ypsilon in 2011, all told through memorable images and events that have accompanied it year after year. The section is completed by a collection of commercials broadcast over the last 25 years.


2011 Interfuture Media/Italiaspeed