Exclusive Brands Torino, the new network of companies promoted by the Torino Industrial Union based on an initiative of Vice President Licia Mattioli, with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce and the support of CeiPiemonte, has been presented to a throng of sector operators. The aim of the new network is to offer a selection of top-level business targeted support for the development and internationalization of their “high-end” products and brand names.
Pininfarina, designer of the Exclusive Brands Torino logo, is among the 14 founding members. The network includes companies operating in a variety of sectors – from jewellery to sailing, to the food sector, wines and liqueurs, fashion and design, textiles, pens, publishing, and even essential oils and perfumes – all sharing a selected clientele and strong international tendencies, distinguished for the quality of their products and services and particularly outstanding for their creativity, innovation, and research.

The founding firms are: Allure/Estetica Network, Aurora, Azimut-Benetti, Bava Vini e Vigneti, Fisico, Gelati Pepino, Grappa Bosso, Guido Gobino cioccolato, Mattioli, Pastiglie Leone, Cioccolato Peyrano, Pininfarina, Quagliotti and Tonatto.

Through this “multisector” synergy – the first in Italy for “high end” products and actuated thanks to a specific network contract – the founding members will collaborate in: promoting and developing their own brands together on the foreign markets, identifying new marketing strategies and opportunities, coordinating initiatives that call for the creation of shared retail spaces (corner and temporary shops), consolidating international success in specific geographic environments and sharing wide-ranging marketing information and expertise.

Exclusive Brands Torino has nominated Licia Mattioli, owner of Mattioli, Vice President of Torino Industrial Union and National President of Federorafi, to head up the group; she will be flanked by Vice President Paolo Pininfarina, President and CEO Pininfarina Extra.

“A brand is an fundamental asset, expressing history, tradition, values, quality and the determination of a company to remain on the market for generations – commented Paolo Pininfarina. – It is an added value that offers an edge over the competition, and as such should be promoted abroad, with particular attention paid to the new opportunities being offered by emerging markets. To succeed, small companies need to gain a critical mass. The logo, designed by Pininfarina, evokes the exclusiveness and uniqueness of these companies, the strength of their brand name, their strong ties to the territory. The Mole Antonelliana, one of the most important lanmarks in Torino, transformed in a network, recalls that this initiative is promoted by the Torino Industrial Union, symbol of the city that the 2006 Olympics made famous throughout the world.

President Licia Mattioli, while illustrating Exclusive Brands Torino, emphasised, “This new Network represents a highly effective, modern and, above all, ad-hoc system to help businesses with high quality products to convey their own brand names successfully on global markets. “Alone,” she commented – “one may travel more quickly, but together we can go further. So the idea is to work as a team among highly diversified sectors that are at the same time strongly fashion-oriented, to optimize their reach in the world. We also thought about a publication that would serve as a suitable form of presentation for the different attributes of each individual brand while enhancing the image of the network.

Secretary General of the Torino Chamber of Commerce, Guido Bolatto, added, “Internationalising does not mean merely bringing excellent products to new markets, but also requires that luxury products and exclusive brand names join forces and work as a team, exchanging information and experiences, defining precise and targeted objectives, and sharing common services and channels while abroad. The Torino Chamber of Commerce has always been committed to supporting small and mid-size businesses in teaming up to head abroad. It should suffice to think of its historic production chain projects like From Concept to Car, Torino Piemonte Aerospace, Think up, and more recent ones on Contract and Mechatronics businesses. Beginning this year, we would like to work with companies on developing new opportunities in constructing business networks. This is why we are keeping an eye on projects like this one and will study together how to collaborate.”

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