The Fiat Panda (top) comfortably continued its long running position as Italy's best selling car during June albeit, losing ground on the same month last year, while Alfa Romeo's newest model, the Stelvio SUV (bottom) also saw a month-on-month blip in its demand.

It turned into a dreadful month for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Italy during June as it lost a fifth of its sales against a market that was down by 7.25%, the volume-driving Fiat brand slumped thirty percent year-on-year while Alfa Romeo fell by over twenty percent.

In total 174,702 new passenger cars were sold in Italy last month while FCA weighed in with 43,642 units, across its brands. That represented a loss of more than ten thousand units year-on-year and FCA thus fell by 19.16% and saw its market share drop below the twenty five percent threshold, the Italian-American carmaker taking a 24.98% share of all Italian sales for the month.

The Fiat brand had another torrid month as it sold 27,988 cars, a fall over twelve thousand units and 30.65% when compared to June last year, tailing off demand for the market leading Panda as well as as big drops from the 500 and Tipo, driving a lot of red ink.

Alfa Romeo also suffered a downturn during the sixth month of the year as its sales dropped 22.73% and one thousand units year-on-year to 3,648 units, while its share of all sales for the month contracted to 2.09%. It’s being pushed down by the rapid fading away of the Giulia while the long running C-segment Giulietta, which is Alfa Romeo’s top seller in Italy, is giving up sales.

Lancia, by its recent contracting standards, came out pretty well in June, sales of the Ypsilon model slipping 13.38% to 3,994 units as it grasped back its traditional position of outselling its sister niche brand, Alfa Romeo.

The Group’s sports/luxury brands rode out the market downturn very well as Maserati’s sales were up 2.11% to 242 units and Ferrari’s were up by a half to 57 units. Finally, for FCA, Jeep continues to be a beneficiary of the lack of focus and investment in the Fiat brand as its sales were up 91.72% during June to 7,713 units.

Outside of FCA, the VW Group’s Lamborghini sportscar brand was up 40% to 28 units sold during June, pushed higher by the new Urus SUV, which accounted for most of demand, while DR Motor, which locally assembles Chinese models from CKD kits, saw sales triple, albeit to just 121 units.

After the first half of the year 1,120,829 new cars have been sold in Italy, and after some up and down turns over the year the market is relatively flat, losing just 1.45%. FCA has endured a dismal year, it’s down thirty thousand units to 304,566 units, a fall of 9.07% that leaves it with just 27.17% of all sales for the year-to-date.

The Fiat brand has sunk more than forty thousand units to 200,371 units for the period, a fall of 18.83% on the same period last year to sit on a 17.88% share of all sales. Alfa Romeo is up 8.12% and two thousand units to 27,277 units for a 2.43% market share while Lancia goes the other way, down 26.71% to 27,155 units for the year-to-date to take an almost identical 2.42% share of the market.

Amongst the luxury brands it’s a mixed picture as Maserati is down 10.86% to 1,486 units while Ferrari is up 12.02% to 233 units. Finally, for FCA, Jeep is its big winner in year-on-year terms with sales doubling to 48,044 units over the first six months of the year. Outside of FCA, Lamborghini is on 103 units after the sixth month of the year and DR Motor has sold 584 units of its rebadged Chinese cars.

The Fiat Panda continued to be Italy’s best-selling car during June with a further 9,584 units finding buyers but that was two and a half thousand units down on the same month last year. It however continued to easily lead out A-segment and was also the top selling LPG model with 1,155 units in that format.

Meanwhile for the year-to-day the Panda is on 67,433 units but that’s a whopping twenty thousand units down on the first half of last year. It’s a similar story in the LPG segment were the Panda tops demand with 5,656 units sold in this format this year and while its petrol and diesel format sales are well down for the year-to-date, LPG sales have been cushioned from its fall from favour and its only lost just over a couple of hundred units when compared to the first half of last year. It also added 336 sales of the methane version last month.

Third best seller overall in June and first in C-segment as well as the market’s best-selling crossover was the Fiat 500X, on 5,043 units, and one of the few of the brand’s models in black ink for the month, albeit up by one hundred and fifty units. The 500X was the market’s most in demand diesel with 3,595 units of its total being specified as oil burners while it was the eighth best seller amongst the market’s LPG models, with 521 units being sold last month in the ‘Natural Power’ format. Meanwhile, the 500X is on 30,729 units for the year-to-date.

The Ypsilon held sway in fourth place overall during June with 3,994 sales, the second best seller in B-segment behind Renault’s Clio, and it’s on 27,155 units for the year-to-date, down ten thousand units of the first half of last year.

The Ypsilon was also Italy’s second highest selling LPG model for June (behind the Panda) and 1,022 of its sales came in the natural gas format while it has just crossed the five thousand units threshold for LPG sales for the year-to-date.

Jeep’s Renegade came in as June's fifth best seller overall and second in C-segment after shifting 3,931 units during June and it's on 24,359 for the year-so-far while its sister model at the U.S. off road brand, the Compass, was the tenth best seller last month, with 3,588 units finding buyers, and it’s on 22,248 units for the year-to-date. The Compass was the second most in demand diesel model with 3,241 units being diesels while the Renegade was the fourth best-selling diesel and 2,911 of its sales came in that format.

The Tipo made it three Fiat brand models in the overall top ten in Italy during June, as well as finishing third in C-segment (and in fact it was also six out of the top ten for FCA) as it finished the month in eighth place with 3,786 sales albeit a big fall of well over three thousand units on the same month of last year. It’s now on 28,264 units for the year-to-date, down more than eight thousand units.

The Tipo was the market’s best-selling station wagon with 1,676 units being specified in this format and for the year-to-date it’s on 11,871 units sold in the estate format. Of those 3,786 sales the Tipo notched up last month, 2,454 units were diesels and 613 units were LPG versions.

The Fiat 500L weighed in in twelfth place overall for the month just gone as well as sixth in B-segment, with 3,181 units, down two thousand units year-on-year. It’s on 24,335 units for the year-to-date.

Meanwhile the elderly Punto enjoyed a good month with 2,785 sales, albert a little over half the volume it sold in June last year. It’s now up to 14,381 units sold for the year-to-date.

The Punto was the eighteenth best seller for the month, and tenth amongst the B-segment cars, but alarmingly for Fiat it was one place ahead of the 500 which saw its sales collapse to just 2,668 units, losing two thousand units year-on-year. However, it’s still on 26,750 units for the year-to-date but that’s six thousand units off the first six months of last year.

Alfa Romeo’s best seller during June was as usual the Giulietta on 1,344 units, and it was the market’s thirty-ninth best seller and is on 11,093 units for the year-to-date to turn in a reasonably cushioned fall of just under one thousand four hundred units compared to the first six months of last year.
For Alfa Romeo the Stelvio added 1,192 units as it lost momentum (it was down month-on-month although in some context May was a higher selling month in Italy than June) and was down from third to fourth place in D-segment in month-on-month terms but is still on a useful 7,750 units for the year-to-date.

The Giulia though is in serious trouble in Italy and its sales dwindled to 596 units. It’s now on 4,318 units sold for the year-to-date and is one thousand six hundred units down year-on-year.

Amongst the luxury brands Maserati’s best-seller during May was the Levante, its sales were positive at 172 units while the Ghibli went the other way to drop to 53 units. Elsewhere Lamborghini’s new Urus SUV sold 21 units and marked its appearance in the F-segment top ten, nabbing the final rung.

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Photo: FCA / 2018 Interfuture Media/Italiaspeed