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The new Musa went on the market this month, the heir to a winning model which in three years on the market has not only achieved all its most ambitious goals, but has far exceeded all expectations (in 2006 and 2007 it was the best-selling compact people-mover in Italy).

Today the new Musa takes up the challenge, playing the same trump card as the previous model, and bringing the values of Italian hospitality to the world of the car. Its line and contents recreate an atmosphere that is typically Italian, a mixture of elegance and informality, attention and relaxation, luxury and naturalness that puts people at their ease. In today’s European compact market, the new Musa is the Italian alternative, inspired by concepts of good taste, warmth and generosity.

Designed by the Lancia Style Centre, the new Musa remains a compact, as its dimensions show: it is little more than four metres long, 1.70 metres wide, 1.66 metres tall and has a wheelbase of 2.51 metres. The new model conveys a greater ‘size impression’, as a result of several styling changes that blend the elegance of the shape with the practicality and interior space. For example, a number of chrome details on the front underline the model’s dynamic look while they hint at the design of future Lancia cars. The new Lancia logo stands out at the centre of the elegant chrome grille, a sign of the past reinterpreted in a modern key to represent a brand that is projected towards the challenges of the future but also proud of its own historical identity.

The designers have also succeeded in remodelling the rear of the car, while maintaining the harmony and stylistic consistency of the front. The generous tailgate is now larger than on the previous model, guaranteeing more space and better access so that the luggage compartment can be exploited better: luggage capacity has been increased by 70 litres to 390 litres (460 litres when the sliding seats are fully forward, a record for this class), and the loading floor has been lowered by 4 cm to make it easier to stow bags and cases. In other words the new Musa has all the roominess of a flagship.

And finally, the side view is elegant and uncluttered, with two profiles that run parallel to the waistline, accentuating the car’s dynamic look. The higher of the two is highlighted by a chrome moulding that matches the new alloy wheels. The effect is enhanced by the Musa logo, which recalls a chaise longue, a symbol of comfort and relaxation, positioned at the base of the pillar between the two doors, and the Lancia logo set in the corner of the third side window. The new Musa is the first people-mover in its category to mount technological rear lights fitted with LEDs, which provide greater luminous intensity and enhanced safety compared to conventional lights, as well as unique styling.

The same stylistic consistency is evident inside the car. The interior of the new Musa appeals to the emotions, a real living-space but also a light-filled, practical, modern passenger compartment.


But one that ensures comfortable driving at all times for driver and passengers, thanks also to the versatile seats which can be adjusted to take numerous positions. These sensations are also the result of the care that has gone into every detail, the luxurious materials used and the creation of refined, elegant matching colour combinations between the bodywork and the interior upholstery, which is available in two specifications, one warmer and welcoming, the other colder and technological; we should also mention the novelty of a choice between the original brown facia and new dark blue.

The ergonomic seats combine with the raised driving seat and the ergonomically arranged controls to make the interior more enjoyable and easy to control. The whole effect is made even more interesting by the adoption of numerous exclusive features typical of Lancia: from the panoramic opening sunroof, to dual-zone climate control, Bose® Sound System, the DFN gearbox and the ‘Blue&Me’® system which allows you to telephone and to listen to music as you drive, easily and simply, thanks to the hands-free system with voice recognition, and to Bluetooth® technology (the device also incorporates a USB port positioned on the tunnel, to which all types of digital devices can be connected). And finally, to maximise well-being on board, the new Musa adopts the best soundproofing equipment available today; the new sound-absorbent ceiling, which is made of an innovative polyester-based material, attenuates the sound inside the passenger compartment by approximately 2 dB, an improvement that is perceptible to occupants.

The new Musa is elegant, practical and lavishly equipped, and guarantees predictable dynamic behaviour at all times and an enjoyable drive, the result of the performance delivered by the five engines in the range, all of which are elastic, sturdy and eco-friendly. There are three Multijet turbodiesels: the 1.9 delivering 100 bhp, and two 1.3 units delivering 70 or 90 bhp (which can be combined with the DFN gearbox, while the 90 bhp version offers the option of a particulate trap). There are also two petrol engines: the sparkling 1.4 Fire delivering 77 or 95 bhp (the latter also with the DFN gearbox). The engines on the new Musa are offered with a choice of two gearboxes: a five speed mechanical unit and the popular DFN, a robotised device that functions in sequential or automatic mode. Whatever you choose, the new Musa is just as enjoyable in town traffic or on long or short journeys out of town.

The new Lancia Musa thus comes in a broad, comprehensive range that caters for customers with very different tastes and requirements. The new model range offers over 80 possible combinations obtained by mixing 5 different outfits (Argento, and Oro and Platino, both available in two different tones, warm or cold), 14 bodywork colours (10 of which are new) and 4 new ‘b-colore’ two-tone liveries, producing the broadest range in this segment. The design of the interior combined the choice of different colours with that of different materials, including technical fabrics, quality leather and elegant Alcantara®. Chrome and satin-effect details enhance the lines and shapes of the interior.

Report & Photos: Fiat Auto