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“ESP on board!”: safety come as standard

“Blue&MeTM”: The best for entertainment and satellite navigation

New services available with Blue&MeTM NAV

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New services NOW available with Blue&MeTM NAV

The Grande Punto MY ‘08 offers on-line services developed in partnership with Telecom Italia and available on the Blue&MeTM Nav system (SOS Emergency, Info Service and Drive Me and on-line Insurance Services) that may be activated with complete freedom by the customer.

“SOS Emergency”: The SOS emergency service, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is activated by pressing the SOS button: in this case, a call and a text message containing the car’s position are forwarded to the operating centre. Whatever country customers are driving through, the call centre operators are able to put them at their ease by answering them in the same language.

The service also activates automatically if an airbag is set off. The vehicle will quickly be located and roadside and medical assistance will be available. The SOS may also be used in the event of illness or danger. These services will be free of charge during the car warranty period (after this they will be available by paying an annual subscription).

“Info Service e Drive Me”: Information at the service of the motorist. Wherever you go, it will always be easy to obtain assistance and up to date information on events, traffic conditions, restaurants, cinemas, night spots and much more in no fewer than five European countries: Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany and Spain.


All you have to do is press the INFO button to speak to a dedicated operator who will answer all your questions or, if you prefer, send the coordinates of the chosen destination to the navigation system (at this point, the device will automatically compute the route. The INFO services will be ‘pay per use’ (the cost will be based on seconds of conversation with the service centre) and, an important feature of this system, no annual subscription be required: The cost is 2.4 Euro cents per second (1.44 euro/ min), plus 30 cents for each call answered’.

On-line Insurance Services: due to the satellite location system and agreements with most of the insurance companies, it will be possible to benefit from discounts on civil liability insurance (up to 20%) and also fire and theft insurance (up to 50%). If your car is stolen you will be up to trace it by tracking. It will also be possible to establish how many kilometres will be covered by the car and, on the basis of this figure, take out ad hoc insurance policies that are more advantageous because they are based on the customer's true habits and requirements.

A Car Manager will also be available shortly. The Blue& Me nav helps with car servicing by informing the driver of scheduled service deadlines and the operations required. The driver can then book in the car at the most convenient authorised workshop by means of a dedicated operating centre.

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