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Alfa Romeo 147
Alfa Romeo 147
Alfa Romeo 147

The New Alfa 147, first shown to the world at the recent Paris Motor Show, now makes its debut in Italy as heir to a winning model that, four years after its launch, has not only met its ambitious targets but exceeded them beyond all expectations.

This is apparent in the praise of the specialised press, who have awarded the car no fewer than 27 prizes to date, thus confirming the success of a brand-new approach to sportiness that encompasses elegance, comfort, safety and sophisticated technology.

The car has received the following critical plaudits: 'Car of the Year 2001', 'Volante d'Oro', 'Trophées du design 2000' and 'Auto Importado del Año en Brasil 2002'. And accolades from readers: 'Auto Europa 1' in 2001 and 'L'auto che preferisco' in 2001, 2003 and 2004.

Altogether the Alfa 147 has been a great critical success and this is borne out by the opinion of the nearly 360,000 motorists who chose the car between October 2000 and September 2004.

This gratifying response is much better than Alfa Romeo had hoped for and shows that the Alfa 147 has completely fulfilled its mission: to improve on its predecessor in terms of quality and gain a firm foothold in the top part of the segment that is now the domain of a select band of prestige compact sports models.

The Alfa 147 has therefore lived up to its promise and managed to achieve major goals. The credit is definitely due to the model's solid grounding: the best of Italian design combined with state-of-the-art engineering and a very good mix of power units and gearboxes.

These have been complemented by a steady flow of new features to hold the public's attention: the 5-door version, the mighty GTA, the CONNECT versions and TI versions and the adoption of JTD engines with a Selespeed gearbox.

These significant products show us that any car's success is the result of a lucky break, a flash of stylistic intuition backed by research into new taste trends, emerging customer needs and projections relating to market and rival model trends. And then this complicated equation is judged by the harshest yardstick: time. True success will last and last: and now it is the turn of the New 147 to take up the baton.

The new model enhances everyday driving satisfaction to the point where an ordinary trip becomes an experience packed with emotion. All this comes naturally to a model with the will to race in its genes.

These attributes are not expressed by any great showiness but rather by great roadholding in any situation and over any road surface. Grown-up sports aficionados will find that this exuberant compact car meets all their need for power and performance backed by total safety at all times.

The New Alfa 147 complements its thoroughbred sports car attributes with a touch of style that allows it to thread its way through European city streets with aplomb. It is a car for those who love to make their mark quietly through well-bred quality rather than ostentation.

The new compact car guarantees thrilling performance with a touch of Italian flair that makes it a car with unmistakable styling: well-proportioned yet muscular. Compared to the previous model, the New Alfa 147's looks have been updated inside and out. It is also bigger and more powerful with more personality.

It introduces a number of new products in the field of mechanicals and equipment, including the spirited 150 bhp 1.9 JTD 16v M-Jet engine, a brand new robotised gearbox, a new Comfort suspension and the most sophisticated safety devices: including VDC, ASR, ABS with EBD and curtain-bags.

The New Alfa 147 is due to go on sale from November.