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Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme

The Carrozzeria Scaglietti personalisation programme offers F430 owners a wide range of racing and styling features and personalised finishes. A total of 16 bodywork colours, 12 leather colours and eight colours for the mats are available.

Owners can also choose between carbon- fibre and aluminium dashboard inserts too and whether they want a yellow or red background for the rev counter. The Programme offers virtually endless freedom when it comes to creating your very own bespoke car.

The personalisation options are divided into four main areas: Racing and Track, Exteriors and Colours, Interiors and Materials, Equipment and Travel. Clients who wish to give their car a sportier flourish will be able to order exceptional carbon-ceramic brakes and body-hugging carbon-fibre bucket seats. These may also be combined with a four-point safety harness (depending on market).

Last but not least, there's even a leather-trimmed aluminium roll bar (depending on market). Owners can also choose a colour for their car's bodywork that is not included in the standard range or even supply their own sample. "Scuderia Ferrari" shields can be fitted to the wheelarches too and red, yellow or aluminium brake callipers can be specified at the time of order. Challenge-style wheels are also available.

The F430's interior can be personalised in any number of ways: owners can chose between various leather trim colour combinations or opt for Daytona-style upholstery with perforated inserts. There's even a special leather trim for the rear of the cabin.

So detailed is the programme that even the colour of the thread and the spacing of the stitching can be specified.

The Travel options include an upgraded stereo system with sub-woofer, a satellite navigation system, and a Bluetooth connection for your mobile to the speakerphone system built into the radio. An exclusive luggage set, specially tailored to fit the F430, is also available.

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