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Fiat MultiplaEveryone loves the fun and friendly New Multipla and now the car offers even more because its new look gives it a closer family resemblance to the latest Fiat models.

The vehicle, introduced at the recent Geneva Motor Show, confirms all the strengths of the previous model: six comfortable seats and the compact feel of a saloon; a distinctive personality that stands out in the current motoring scenario; flexibility of application - and extraordinary versatility.

The originally styled New Multipla is Fiat's answer to the need to pack a large amount of internal space into a car only a little over 4 metres in length: it is the only car in its market band to offer 3 + 3 seats combined with a roomy luggage compartment. The model's special architecture also allows MPV-standard driving to all intents and purposes.

For example, it is higher than segment B and C vehicles and this means that the driver's seating level in relation to the ground is different for greater ease of access and mastery of the road. This is one reason why the appealing people carrier is able to offer its very unique take on style, versatility, interior space and emission control. It achieves this by offering the smartest solutions to ergonomic, space management and mechanical requirements.

While the New Multipla is the very essence of unmistakable, fun design, it is also a specific example of the way ingenious products can truly improve the quality of life on board. It is no mere chance that in 1999 an example of the previous Multipla was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the most important and famous modern art museum in the world, as an example of the innovative styling and engineering features that would appear on cars of the future.

This came as no surprise, Fiat products have always been a byword for contemporary appeal, ingenuity and ease of use. This original compact MPV is no exception. Quite the contrary, it is the ideal choice for travelling, working or leisure time.

Smart ideas for exceptional driving comfort

Good ideas need not take up precious space. Another great strength of the new model is its innovative architecture that makes it the only true 3 + 3 seater in its segment. The original design of the passenger compartment transforms a vehicle that measures a little over four metres in length into a true MPV. Suffice it to say that the New Multipla can carry up to 6 people in two rows of three seats, each with plenty of space and freedom to move. Even the passengers seated at either side have plenty of headroom and do not feel a sense of constriction. And more, the view of the outside improves and you can see the road right up to the base of the vehicle (this effect is aided, at the side, by a very low waistline and windows that descend half way down the vehicle).

A modular effect created by tilting the seats or removing them altogether allows the creation of a luggage compartment that extends up to 1300 litres. Not to mention the fact that interior passenger room is the best in the segment: more than 3 cubic metres in fact. All this versatility and passenger room does not affect the standard of driving satisfaction offered by the model.

Such smart solutions make the New Multipla a superlative place to socialise and enjoy on-board life. It is the ideal car for a trip with friends when you need 6 seats and a roomy luggage compartment. It is a leisure vehicle that allows the number of seats to be adapted to the number of passengers (three, four, five or six) so that all the remaining space can be used to carry possessions. For example, the car could carry three passengers so that the rest of the completely flat floor can be left free for long, bulky items. It is also an ideal car for everyday driving in town traffic due to its compact size and great visibility under all conditions.

So many cars packed into one. Because the New Multipla can be converted to meet your current needs and become a station wagon, MPV, saloon or van for as long as you need one. As its name suggests, it multiplies the potential for expression and movement and allows free and inventive use of interior space.

In the New Multipla, freedom also means the greatest driving safety. The new model is the first in the Fiat group to adopt a handsfree set with Bluetooth technology. This sophisticated system, available from the accessory range, means that you can use your phone (provided it is a Bluetooth model) even if it is in your jacket pocket or bag. It automatically lowers the radio volume (if turned on) so that you can hear the voice of the person you are talking to through the stereo speakers. The Bluetooth handsfree system developed for the New Multipla blends perfectly into the facia and operates even if the car only comes with wiring for a sound system so that the customer is free to purchase the radio he or she wishes. The system can also manage to store up to three mobile phones at the same time so that more than one of the people using the same car can make direct use of the handsfree facility.

Revised styling, but still just as original and appealing

The exterior of the New Multipla features smooth lines and oceans of glass. The front end is remarkable for the way the headlights blend perfectly into the new grille (complete with smaller holes, a round logo and chrome detailing) and the new bonnet and bumpers. The bumpers are now body-coloured.

The final result is a car that looks strong and stylish but is also fun and carefree. At the rear, the impression of sturdiness and compactness is underscored by wraparound bumpers and new tail-lights combined with a generous tailgate that houses a large Fiat logo and perfectly matches the broad glazed surface of the rear window. The same sensation of solidity and elegance is evident in the side shape that fits in beautifully with the new style and is underscored by painted sideskirts.

Inside, the car expresses all its ingenuity through a host of smart solutions that offer all the virtues of good space management and versatility. For example, the central seats are the same size as the side seats; the facia is cloth covered - and the controls and instruments are arranged in accordance with ergonomic precepts and the Multipla's original sense of style.

The new range

The New Multipla, due to go on sale this month in Italy (later in other markets), offers two specifications (Active and Dynamic), both with a wealth of features, no fewer than 10 body shades and a generous choice of options and accessories. As far as engines are concerned, the new model may be equipped with three power units: two conventional, the 76 kW (103 bhp) 1.6 Torque 16v and the 85 kW (115 bhp) 1.9 JTD that ensure low fuel consumption, outstanding performance and a balanced, flexible and satisfying drive.

And one low environmental impact unit: the 1.6 Natural Power offering 68 kW (92 bhp) with a dual methane and petrol fuel system. This unit is the best demonstration of Fiat's great commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its new models. The Fiat Group has pursued this aim for many years with the help of different disciplines: the Marketing department to interpret and analyse customer expectations, sector specialists (from Fiat Auto and also Magneti Marelli) - not to mention our suppliers and the engineers who work at Teksid.

The New Multipla also offers a host of safety systems and equipment: ABS, ESP, six airbags and sensors that modulate airbag action according to passenger weight and mass. Window-bags are also available that drop down along the windows to safeguard the heads of occupants in the event of side collision. The rear seats also come with a head-restraint that allows a good rear view during parking manoeuvres. The backrests also ensure better containment. The New Multipla is also equipped with Isofix attachments to secure child seats easily and safely.

All these features make the New Multipla great value for money and it also benefits from five years of exclusive advantages under the terms of the 'Fiat per te' package.