A tuning house specialising in maintaining and enhancing the performance of standard Alfa Romeos, Autodelta was founded in 1987 by a gifted young engineer, Jano Djelalian.


The inspiration for the name of Jano’s West London-based business came from the famous Alfa Romeo works racing team of the ‘60s.


In its early days, Autodelta concentrated on the then current Alfas: Alfasud, GTV6, Alfa 33, Alfa 75, Alfa 164, Spider and Alfa SZ, all models it continues to support in every sense, including servicing, as well as the more recent Alfa Romeo model range of the ‘90s to date - responding to routine customer demands for more power by carrying out modifications to pistons, valves, liners, exhaust manifolds and brakes, and thus improving both performance and handling.


From the mechanical to the visual: a manufacturing division, called Creativestudio, was set up to offer Autodelta’s ever-growing clientele a range of body kits designed to give standard Alfas a more individual look, whilst respecting aerodynamic issues and keeping true to Alfa Romeo’s image, personality and values.  


The demands of an ever-expanding business, including round-the-clock servicing and on-site upgrading facilities, inventory and warehousing, together with the need to accommodate sophisticated equipment for R & D, called for larger premises: by 1997 Autodelta was responding to demand for custom-made Alfas from both the UK and abroad, and moved to its present, purpose-built headquarters in Park Royal, West London.


The appointment of Autodelta international official agents in 13 countries - including Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Taiwan – reflects both Autodelta’s growth abroad and its need to guarantee quality control in supply and installation of Autodelta parts.

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