The GM 'Premium' platform based 156 replacement will make its debut late next year. The entry-level version will be a 150hp 1.8 JTS followed by two all-alloy units, a 170hp 2.0JTS and a 190hp 2.2 JTS. The new Orbital/Fiat-GM Powertrain 'Electron' alloy V6 engine which has been heavily revised by Alfa Romeo engineers will come in two specifications: a 230hp 2.8 V6 JTS and a 260hp 3.2 V6 JTS.

Topping the range will be a 300hp probable 2.2-litre capacity supercharged engine while the GTA will boast a twinturbo version of the new 3.2-litre V6 JTS with 400hp. For Alfa Romeo's North American comeback in 2006/7 a US-aimed GTA version will feature Maserati's 4.2-litre V8.

Diesel options will come in the shape of an entry-level 120bhp 1.9-litre unit utilising second generation Multijet technology, a higher-specification version with 160bhp, followed by a 200bhp 2.4 Multijet and a range topping 3.2-litre Multijet with an expected 245bhp on tap. 

Thus the model line up will be as follows:

1.8 JTS 150cv
2.0 JTS 170cv
2.2 JTS 190cv
2.8 V6 JTS 230cv
3.2 V6 JTS 260cv
Quadrifoglio 280cv (4WD)
GTA 400cv
GTA (USA) 430cv
1.9 MJTD 140cv
1.9 MJTD 160cv
2.4 MJTD 200cv
3.2 V6 MJTD 245cv

All the 158s will be rear wheel drive except the Quadrifoglio but the Sportwagon version will offer the option of 4x4 for all models over 2.0-litre.

As Alfa Romeo gear up to take BMW head on, so the size of the new 158 will increase, 180mm longer, 90mm wider but 30mm lower than the current 156. This will form a trend as the 147 replacement will be the widest car in its class.


The 'Sportiva Evoluta' is now to be known as the TZ3 when it is expected to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the autumn, almost a year after it was pulled at the last minute from appearing at the 2002 Paris Motor Show. 

Most likely to be built by Zagato, the TZ3 will have a 3.6-litre V6 Twinturbo JTS Uniair with 480cv and 600Nm and be built in a quantity of 1000 units.

Alfa Romeo business head Daniel Bandiera is now considering a higher specification Ferrari V12 engine as a follow up in 2006. This version, at the suggestion of Ferrari, wiil be called the "Alfa Romeo TZ3 GTA Scuderia Ferrari" and will have a 6.0 V12 Ferrari with JTS and Uniair with around 630cv and 750Nm.

Bandiera is also thinking in terms of a luxury sporting saloon from Alfa Romeo which could compete with Maserati's new Quattroporte.


Lancia will gear up for their 100th anniversary with several new limited-production models. First up later this year will be the Fulvia HF Coupe, which will commence production next summer offering GM's 230bhp 2.0-litre turbo and a possible JTD power option.

The Stilnovo concept sheds light on a new revolutionary C-segment Lancia due in late 2006 which will aim to blend practicality and ease of use with performance of a pure sportscar. Recreating the HPE ( High Performance Estate ) concept.

A second C-segment Lancia the same year will replace the Integrale, offering 4wd a new design concept making major use of aluminium and composite materials and will be powered by a redeveloped version of GM's 2.0-litre turbo unit with 300bhp available. The new Integrale will use the Alfa Romeo 148's floorpan as a basis.

Alongside these will come the new Stratos sportscar, limited to 1,000 examples and incorporating Maserati's 4.2-litre engine and transmission along with 4x4.


2006 will see Fiat developing a new generation of petrol engines with full electronic valve control version of the VVA ( Variable Valve Actuation ) system, which will be called UniAir. A simpler VVA update will be used on 1.6-2.0 engines from late next year.


The new Quattroporte luxury saloon is now expected to use a 5.0-litre version of the 4.2-litre V8 as used by the Coupe and Spyder. Maserati engineers were believed to be unhappy with the initial results utilising the 4.2-litre engine in this super-heavy saloon. An in-house developed 4x4 system is expected, while within a year, a sportier version will appear offering a detuned version of the Ferrari Enzo's 600bhp 6.0-litre V12.

the new Maserati Quattroporte