Click here to enlarge this image of the restyled Fiat PalioThese scoop images show the restyled 'World Car' range completely undisguised. The general styling represents a general improvement over previous models, with a highly characteristic front end delivering both elegance and rugged looks. The facelifted range, initially to be built in Brazil, will be offered in hatchback, sedan, estate and pick-up form.

The front of the revised design is focused around the new headlamp shape, which adds a rounded element to the profile unveiled this summer on the Fiat Punto facelift. The front bumper continues Fiatís contemporary corporate identity, whilst a smart modern family grille adds to the carís elegance.

The rear view of the Palio hatchback has traces of the Stilo, albeit in a smaller form. Notably, the lighting has similar sharp edging and clear lens detailing. The rear bumper is also characterized by a full-width grille not dissimilar to that present on certain versions of the Stilo.

The sedan version, called Siena, demonstrates a highly elegant rear end grafted onto the design. This particular model integrates a neat boot spoiler and rear light units with clear-lens elements.

The Siena estate will be offered in two versions, the Weekend and an Adventurer 4x4. Both versions have similar styling, although the Adventurer will have added plastic components to add to its beef-up its all-road credentials. Trim on the Adventurer includes plastic wheelarch extensions, black headlight backing, and a revised tailgate and additional bumper trims.

The Pick-up represents an important market segment within Southern America, and it surely looks the part. Using a generally similar theme to that present on the Adventurer, the Pick-up aims to give the appearance of a thoroughly rugged workhorse.

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