concept cars Italdesign Lamborghini Cala

1995 Lamborghini concept by Italdesign. 

Giorgetto Guigaro used Lamborghini's earlier prototype L140 "mid-size Lambo" chassis and 4-litre V10 engine to build this fully working prototype. Presented at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show, the 2+2 "Cala" received mixed reactions. However due to Lamborghini's Indoneisan owners lack of direction for the company and internal dissent at the time, the Cala never became more than a prototype. 

technical details:

mid-engined, rear wheel drive
3,900cc V10 4 valves/cyl
maximum power: 400 bhp @ 7,200 rpm
maximum torque: 232.3 lb/ft @ 4,500 rpm

6-speed gearbox, rear mounted

maximum speed: 181 mph ( 291 km/h )
0-60 mph: 5.0 seconds
0-100mph: 10.9 seconds

front: 225/40ZR18, rear: 295/40ZR18

length: 4,390mm, width: 1,900mm, height: 1,222mm
wheelbase: 2,520mm

1,290 kg ( 2,844 lb )

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