concept cars Isotta Fraschini T8
In 1996 Piedmontese businessman Giuliano Malvino, best known for building the Raytone-Fissore off-roader, attempted to relaunch the Isotta Fraschini brand with a car based on Audi A8 mechanicals. The T8, as it was known, was launched in coupe and cabrio formats at the 1996 Geneva Motor Show, but the project foundered and ambitious production plans never saw the light.

Malvio struck a deal with Audi for the supply of the A8's engine, transmission, gearbox, suspension and braking system.

The large chromed front grille, with its 'IF' logo is styled on the 1920's 8-cylinder models, while the rear end, which swoops down over the curved tail lights attempts to draw on the historic late 1940's Monterosa model. The cockpit features leather seats and dashboard with a carbon fibre central tunnel. Seats incorporated the roll hoop and seatbelts while offering electronic adjustment and memory.

Plans to produce 5,000 of the aluminium alloy bodied T8's per year for the European and North American markets never came to fruition and only the two prototypes were ever produced.