03.07.2005 Opening on Wednesday at the Automobile Museum of Turin will by an exhibition titled 'Italian sportivity: the new generation' and presented by the Institute of Applied Arts and Design of Turin

Through the study and the planning of a new coupe by Alfa Romeo and a new version of the famous Monster by Ducati, on Wednesday the Automobile Museum of Turin will host the exhibition “Italian sportivity: the new generation” taken presented by the Institute of Applied Arts and Design in Turin.

In fact the two partners have given the students of the Transportation design course from the Institute of Applied Arts and Design in Turin the task of studying the models destined for the market over the next decade.

It s an important and significant style exercise that will allow, Alfa Romeo as well as Ducati, examine and value new ideas, and why not, new talents. Study and elaboration in terms of design that could offer interesting  spurts for the two products that in their respective areas identify a myth.

DUCATI PROJECT – research study for a new MONSTER

Reinterpretation of the famous MONSTER following two possible paths: conservative restyling or futuristic version; Maintained characteristics: motorcycle philosophy, proportions, mechanics (engine connection and chassis)

ALFA ROMEO PROJECT – creation of a new COUPE’

Study of a new coupè, spacing in the possibilities of a vehicle of B Segment; Inspiration: Alfa Romeo 8C and GT Junior; Maintained characteristics: brand main characteristics and proportions; Indications: do not feature style with retrò characteristics.

The realized projects will present for each participating student, historical and concept research boards, sketches, handmade and digital renderings, and for the best projecs, chosend directly by the partners, prototypes in scale (for Ducati 2 prototypes in 1:1 scale and for Alfa Romeo 6 prototypes in 1:4 scale). The projects developed in a semester  with didactic purposes, will remain property of the partners, for the students, the study projects will be inserted concluding the three year specialization course and will be real visiting card for entering the working world.


-for IAAD: Giampiero Briguglio – Transportation design department coordinator; -for the company: Anna Maria Palmigiano - Advanced Design Alfa Romeo Responsible; -the prototypes in 1:4 scale are realized thanks to the collaboration of ERGO-MODEL – owner Elvigio Menichelli and Style Centre Alfa Romeo.

The IAAD student's Ducati project involves reinterpreting the famous 'Monster' motorbike following two possible paths, either conservative  restyling  or  a  futuristic  version

THE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED ARTS AND DESIGN, TURIN presents the results of the sponsorized projects by DUCATI MOTOR and ALFA ROMEO - 6th of July to 7th of September 2005 - Automobile Museum of Turin on the Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia


Through the study and the planning of a new coupe by Alfa Romeo and a new version of the famous Monster by Ducati, on Wednesday the Automobile Museum of Turin will host the exhibition “Italian sportivity: the new generation” taken care by the Institute of Applied Arts and Design in Turin, Italy


-for IAAD: Sergio Fontanarosa – Motorcycle and scooter design teacher; -for the company: Andrea Ferraresi – Ducati Style Coordinator, Pierre Terblanche – Ducati Style Responsible, Bart Janssen – Senior Designer Ducati; -the prototypes in 1:1 scale will be realized thanks to the collaboration of MODELCLAY – owner Mario De Carlo.


The principle that inspires the 2005 edition of the annual Transportation design exhibition from the Institute  of Applied Arts and Design Turin is the improvement of the creative process that belongs to an italian way of conceiving style. We wanted to create around the undiscussed  protagonists Alfa Romeo and Ducati, an event that has a soul, that uses the tones of passion and feelings, in order to offer stimulus and emtions to the public.

That is how the Institute of Applied Arts and Design-Turin and ERGO-MODEL from Volvera (TO) put together  their strength  and created a sinergy to work with eachother in this direction, with enthusiasm and determination. From this collaboration the idea of presenting the “italian style” was born according to a particular perspective, with the end  of proposing a vision, through a guided expositive path that illustrates the entire process of idea and development , focalizing on the various roles assumed by each protagonist, else those professional figures that reppresent the biggest, most precious and  unreplaceable  resource. 

The purpose of an exhibition, conceived in such a way, is coming near the transportation design sector and to many of its not yet known specialities, a vast and heterogeneous public with a particular attention to young people, adopting a reading key that is able to stimulate curiosity related to a profession not yet known that in a historic period of great uncertainties, precariousness and change, could offer new and interesting prospects.

In this way we want to make the mistery tangible, that often still wraps up the creative process, and on this purpose, the entire project has been created to confer the models not only a starring role but a new appearance, from which feelings, intuitions, thoughts, energy and capability will emerge to face a daily work, that only in last remark takes to the realization of a product. Project knowledge, professionalism, passion and different professions unite and penetrate to get to the object and make it unique.

The designer therefore researches, compares, innovates, reppresents, mathematizes and virtually models thougth, until it becomes understandeable to the public. Takes inspiration from its own creativity and compares itself with colleagues, with modelling professionals, with the judgement from the most reliable press.

The traditional exhibition of boards and works will be enriched with audio-video support. Each phase of the project will be documented by a series of photographs and tv-takes that will give life to a short film rich in images and testimonies.

- the DVD before, during and after: an inedited “backstage” to discover the protagonist voices, feelings, thoughts and emotions.
- photo gallery. The charm of a portrait from the past compared to the future. Thanks  to the collaboration from Ducati Motor and Alfa Romeo, photographic documentation coming from their respective  historical archives will enrich with charm the interesting tale of a path that in decades has seen  the evolution of methodologies, technologies and research.
- works. Concept boards, sketches, handmade and digital renderings, virtual film.
- models. A different role, for a star.


The project is born with the idea, that in a near future, the exhibition will follow an itinerary path in the main Italian cities and successively abroad. The will contributing  to give space and international visibility to this fascinating profession, to the capability that still today represents the italian patrimony that is unique, that has to be known in order to admire it and protect it.

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