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FIAT AUTO FINANCIAL SERVICES - personal purchasing formulae

The Alfa 159 is the ideal car for professional people. As a result, Fiat Auto Financial Services have devised numerous personal purchasing formulae for these customers, on all the major European markets. And the new model is offered in a comprehensive range in which everyone will find the Alfa Romeo 159 he or she wants.

"Long-term" rentals and the many purchasing formulae

The innovative "long-term rental" formula relieves the customer of all the formalities related to direct management of the car because it is the rental company that deals with them: insurance and management of claims, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, towing, roadside assistance and courtesy car, service and tyre changes, road tax, management of second-hand vehicles. All of this is covered by a monthly charge, with no capital investment. And a rental contract allows motorists who like to stay abreast of the latest novelties to change their cars frequently.

Alfa Romeo 159
Alfa Romeo 159

In the major European countries, the rental contract for customers of the new model will include a Safe Driving course which will help them to improve their driving and perfect their technique, as they enjoy themselves. They will then be in a position to really exploit the car's performance and sportiness. The purchasing formulae for the Alfa 159 obviously include:

  • The classic instalment loan lasting from 12 to 72 months.
  • Innovative formulae that envisage a "tailor-made" financial plan with an initial down payment, small monthly instalments and the guarantee of a minimum trade-in price. At the end of the period, there is a choice of three options: replacing the car with another new car; purchasing it and paying the final instalment; refinancing the residual sum.
  • A leasing contract, designed for business and professional people, and the self-employed, lasting from 24 to 60 months.

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