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To meet the latest European requirements for about-town and intercity goods transport, the Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles brand now presents the New Scudo, which will be built in the SEVEL Nord plant in Valenciennes, and marketed from January 2007.

Born out of the industrial partnership between FIAT and PSA, the New Scudo is the heir to a successful model, 350,000 of which have been sold since 1995, and it confirms its ability to reconcile performance, handling and car-class comfort with generous, easy loading, and the reliability and profitability typical of a light commercial vehicle. The New Scudo inherits and improves the strong points of the previous model (a van with the architecture of an MPV, excellent road behaviour, that is entertaining to drive, with handling and comfort that are comparable with those of a modern saloon) and becomes the new benchmark for its category in terms of the extension of the range (increased volume and payload), performance, quality, sturdiness and safety, as well as protection against theft. The loading volume and payload of the New Scudo have been increased: the interior volume is now between 5 and 7 m3, and the payload extends from 1,000 to 1,200 kg. The new Scudo can also boast an overall height (less than 1.90 m with air suspension) that allows it to use multi-storey car parks, and a loading floor height of just 49 cm, which simplifies loading and unloading operations.

The New Scudo is therefore the right solution for a wide variety of missions and applications. It comes in a very broad range that comprises: goods and passenger transport versions and bases for conversions and special outfits; two wheelbases: short (3 metres) and long (3.12 metres); two external lengths: 4.80 and 5.13 metres; external height (standard: 1.89 m with air suspension, 1.94 m with steel suspension and high: 2.20 m with air suspension, 2.28 m with steel suspension); two load lengths: 2.25 and 2.58 m; interior width: 1.60 m; width between wheelarches: 1.25 m; two interior heights: 1.45 and 1.75 m; three volumes: 5 m3, 6 m3 and 7 m3; loading floor height: from 49 to 56 cm; payload from 1000 to 1200 kg (including driver).

In addition to the Van versions, the New Fiat Scudo range offers a comprehensive choice of passenger transport vehicles (Combi and Panorama) which are available in three different outfits for specific uses and customers. The first (Combi Standard) is the ideal vehicle to carry work crews with their tools; the second (Panorama Family) is for large families looking for the comfort and styling typical of a people-mover; the third outfit (Panorama Executive) is ideal to transfer business clientele (hotel/airport shuttles, rentals with driver). The result is a wide range that ensures that every customer will find a vehicle that is ‘tailor-made’ to his own needs.


The New Scudo is synonymous with ‘efficiency and productivity’ which, for the customer, translates into very low operating costs (fuel consumption, maintenance intervals and repair costs), good acceleration and elasticity at low speeds even with a full load. The merit also goes to the three elastic, smooth Multijet engines, all in line with Euro 4 standards, which guarantee high power and torque deliveries: the 90 bhp 1.6 Multijet 16v, 120 bhp 2.0 Multijet 16v and the 136 bhp 2.0 Multijet 16v Power (with DPF). The new model really is an ideal workmate that is ready for anything.

The New Scudo also tops its class where safety and comfort are concerned; for example, the differentiated rigidity of the bodyshell, new braking systems with 4 disc brakes, ABS complete with EBD and driver’s airbag (standard throughout the range). And depending on the market and the version, ESP complete with ASR, a front passenger airbag, sidebags and curtain-bags, as well as devices to protect the vehicle and the load against theft, are available as standard or optional equipment.

The new model focuses considerable attention on ergonomics, and on acoustic, climatic and vibrational comfort. It is an accepted fact that well-being onboard is an aspect of prime importance for the user of a commercial vehicle, who spends long hours at the wheel, often in demanding conditions. This is borne out by the well-lit, comfortable cabin and driving position typical of a car, which helps the driver to tackle the road in the best psycho-physical condition, with plenty of storage space (drawers, hatches and shelves) for all his gear. Particular attention was also focused on the loading space to ensure stress-free daily use, and on the shape and generous size of the loading bay. The low loading floor and wide doors – both the rear doors and the sliding side doors – provide easy access. The audio and telematic equipment also makes the vehicle more enjoyable to drive.

The new Scudo is destined to play a leading role in its segment, and it is the last step in the revamping of the Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles range, with which the brand intends to achieve important goals in the coming years. And the numbers tell us that the Scudo is always at the top of the list for Europeans in a segment which, with over 450,000 vehicles sold last year, accounts for 23% of the European light commercial vehicle market. Today it is up to the new Scudo to pick up the baton and to contribute to the brand’s steady growth in all segments. In the first 9 months of 2006, Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles has raised its share of the Western European market to 11.1%, with approximately 168,000 registrations. And the brand is the undisputed market leader in Italy (with 45.2% of the market) and in Poland (with 21.2%), as well as the leading importer in France and Germany. These are important results, which have been made possible by the excellent performance of all the major models that lead the sales in their respective segments in Europe.

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