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Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services

Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services offers comprehensive financing solutions for customers interested in the Fiorino – companies, public authorities, tradesmen and small business owners – all specifically designed to meet the needs of those choosing the vehicle for their business or occupation. Whether you choose a lease agreement, finance or long-term lease, you can choose from a range of offers from Sava and Savarent - all modern, diversified and complete with a whole host of services included in the charge or instalment.

Sava leasing and finance

To meet the varied requirements of customers purchasing the new Fiorino, Sava has put together two “dedicated” credit facilities: payment by instalments or leasing. Sava leasing is the ideal choice for tradesmen and companies who do not want to tie up their capital and who want to buy back the vehicle at the end of the contract. With this formula, you can make a down payment of between 10-30% and choose from flexible repayment terms of 30-60 months. The agreement can also be customised with additional high added value services such as:

Loan Protection, which relieves the customer of having to make the monthly instalments (within the limits set out in the policy and subject to the exclusions stated) or repay the capital should unforeseen personal circumstances arise, if the business ceases trading unexpectedly, for example.
Fire and Theft policy, which provides coverage against theft, fire, robbery, natural disasters, socio-political events and windscreen damage for the entire term of the agreement.


An exclusive comprehensive policy which compensates for damage caused by collisions with other vehicles, impact against fixed or moving objects, overturning or leaving the road. In the event of partial damage, the policy also guarantees reimbursement of the vehicle’s replacement value.

Finally, as a traditional financing package, payment by instalments is also available with repayment terms of between 12 and 72 months. Again, these facilities can be personalised with additional services.

Long-term leasing from Savarent

Long-term leasing from Savarent is the ideal solution for “business” clients as it represents the most comprehensive offer for commercial customers or anyone who requires global mobility, particularly suitable for independent traders, partnerships or corporations.

When purchasing a Fiorino under a lease agreement, with a monthly payment the customer can benefit from a wide range of services all included in the price, such as: ownership tax, fire, theft and comprehensive insurance, claims management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, breakdown assistance, tyre replacement and courtesy cars. Customers who opt for leasing can also benefit from significant financial and tax advantages, always having a new, efficient fleet of vehicles, and relief from the bureaucratic and administrative burden.

Another plus point of Savarent leasing is the extensive network of branches throughout Italy, with reliable agents available through the official network of Fiat Group Automobiles dealers.

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