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Original styling, compact external dimensions and large loading platform

The new Fiorino has a modern, distinctive design that combines dynamic, compact styling with the solidity and strength of a work vehicle. Thanks to its limited external dimensions – it is 3.86 metres long, 1.72 high and 1.71 wide – it can handle any city centre with confidence, and the sturdy front end with a distinctive personality mean that it won’t go unnoticed. The front end is enhanced with bumper guards and the original design of the large headlights that blend harmoniously into the bodywork. The bonnet creates continuity with the windscreen and reflects the curvy shape of the bumpers.

The racy lateral line and smooth sides give the new Fiorino an extremely dynamic look. The protective side strips and vertically-positioned handles on the sliding doors are durable and solid. The windowed versions have a single flush window surface while the smooth space on the panel versions allows for easy customisation. The square lines of the rear section instantly give the idea of great capacity and ease of loading, thanks to the very low loading sill, double rear doors and sliding side doors, available in glazed or panel versions.

The new Fiorino is a robust, practical vehicle but is also attractive to look at, as can be seen from the wide range of available colours. There are 10 external finishes and a long list of non-standard colours mainly for specific customers. As far as the interiors are concerned, there are two types of upholstery featuring different contrasts and fabrics.

Special attention has also been paid to the aerodynamics – something which is very important for commercial vehicles considering the impact it has on performance, consumption, noise but also style. The shape of the new Fiorino was first studied using computer simulations and was then subjected to numerous wind-tunnel tests. The shape of the wing mirrors, front lights and rear spoiler gives the vehicle an excellent drag coefficient of 0.31 and an excellent front-end Cx result (0.828 m2), placing the Fiorino at the top of its class.




Large, functional loading area

Despite its compact size, the new Fiorino boasts a spacious, square, well-designed loading area, making it the ideal workmate. The loading platform has a volume of 2.5 cubic metres (2.8 if the passenger seat is folded down). All this available space can be exploited to the full, thanks to an internal length of 1.523 m that becomes almost 2.5 metres if the passenger seat is folded down: amazing if we consider that the vehicle’s external length is less than 3.9 metres. Added to a load capacity of 610 kg (driver included), this makes the Fiorino a new standard of reference. To make loading and unloading easier, the new Fiorino has a loading sill of just 527 mm. Access to the loading area is made easier with the large, well-designed doors: the asymmetrical double rear door has a minimum width of 1056 mm and a maximum of 1140 mm with minimum/maximum heights of 1040/1060mm. The sliding side doors are 570/644 mm wide (min/max) and 1041 mm high.

The cab’s front doors are equipped with two opening positions – the first at around 60° and a maximum angle of 85° - allowing for easy entry and exit. The asymmetrical double rear doors (40/60) have 4 locking points, one of which is central. The two doors open to 90°, offering excellent access to the cargo area. They can open as far as 180° thanks to an ingenious system of retractable tie-rods. The sliding side door features a bearing rail on the upper part and a sliding guide in the centre of the bodywork. Combined with the easy and convenient handle grip, this robust design is serviceable, effective and reliable.

To keep the cargo secure during transport, the new Fiorino has six strong, practical rings (compliant with the DIN 75410 standard). Various types of partition are available to protect the driver from goods spilling over into the cab. The vehicle is fitted with a nine-bar steel ladder-type bulkhead as standard. The bulkhead can be glazed, panelled or a combination of panel and metal (panel up to seat belt height with a grille above). On request, a 2-part grille is also available (one part fixed on the driver’s side, the other rotating on the passenger side), combined with the fold-down seat. A side roof light can be fitted to illuminate the loading area (a removable light is also available on request, for use as a removable torch). The light comes on automatically when the doors are opened, and is timed to avoid wasting energy.

Report & Photos: Fiat Auto