Following the extremely successful launch of the new Daily in May 2006 the new Daily 4x4 makes its official debut. Indeed it is not only the new Daily launch, it is the reception of the customers of the new Daily that has made such an impact – over 105,000 customer orders in the first year. New Daily 4x4 follows the important values established by the new Daily base vehicle – Professional DNA. New Daily 4x4 is born of the collaboration between professionals; the professional users of working vehicles and the professional vehicle manufacturer able to realise the reality of this exceedingly successful vehicle.

New Daily 4x4 comes in two vehicle mass categories; 3.5 t and 5.5 t and two wheelbases, 3050 mm short wheelbase and 3400 mm long wheelbase versions. Badged as 35S18W and 55S18W new Daily is available with either of the two wheelbases with the short cab or the long wheelbase only for the crew cab version. 3.5 t versions have plated axle loads of 2250 kg front and 2800 kg rear while 5.5 t versions have 2450 kg front and 3700 kg at the rear. New Daily builds on the success of the previous Daily 4x4 with added features designed to ever improve the man – machine relationship that is so important for working vehicles.

The professional 4x4 market

New Daily 4x4 competes in a small but very important market niche of working 4x4 vehicles. It is a market that has grown over the years reflecting the importance of the market segment; that of professional all wheel drive vehicles that are able to go anywhere and are expected to do so, typically with users such as utility companies and specialist applications. Iveco’s expertise in this market spreads right across the range – Daily, Eurocargo and Trakker – covering all aspects of vehicle operation from the highest of hills to the deepest of valleys, these all wheel drive vehicles are exceedingly rugged taking men and equipment where they are most needed, often in emergency conditions. The reliability of these vehicles is second to no other category as is their capability to operate under normal conditions too. Driver comfort too is not compromised. Driving off road is often stressful; not always the fun pastime it would seem.

Behind the wheel of Daily 4x4

New Daily 4x4 looks the part. It rides high off the ground giving the driver an excellent field of view, an essential aspect where off road often means no roads, which of course contributes to its off road performance. The approach angle of 51°, ramp angle of up to 35°, the departure angle of up to 42° and wading capability of 700 mm confirm new Daily to be the go anywhere vehicle it is designed to be. New Daily 4x4 is immediately recognisable by the cab style carried over from new Daily but with a new front bumper in which are mounted the fog and dipped headlights.

Interior cab comforts are carried over from New Daily as is the crew cab, providing seating for the driver and up to six passengers. Driver essential controls such as the dash mounted gear shift, in common with new Daily, and the transfer box controls are ergonomically sited. There is excellent provision for documents and other essential items in the cab. Up to three DIN slots are available to house the radio, tachograph, if required, and other accessories like GPS navigation system. Driver and passenger seating can be tailored to suit customer requirements including features such as suspension seating and seat heating.

The power to do the job

The most powerful engine from the new Daily range, the 176 Cv 3.0 litre HPT engine, ensures the most can be made of new Daily’s off road capability. Off road it may be but environmentally sound it most certainly is. New Daily 4x4 is certified to the Euro IV emission levels and comes equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter as part of its standard equipment. Thanks to the advanced common rail fuel injection system, continuous regeneration of the filter is ensured even when the engine isn’t working particularly hard, such as stationary power take off conditions. The engine is coupled to the ZF 6S400 overdrive transmission and the remote mounted transfer box with a third differential to provide permanent four wheel drive under all conditions, off and on road. When the going gets tough, the standard third differential lock and rear axle differential lock keep Daily 4x4 moving. If required, the front axle differential lock is available as a production option. All differential locks can be engaged with the vehicle in motion and automatically disengage when the vehicle exceeds differing speeds depending on the differential lock concerned.

The new Daily 4x4 – like the Trakker and Stralis most recently launched – was designed to demonstrate Iveco fundamental values towards excellence: Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit and Power. Values Daily 4x4 shares with the New Zealand rugby national team, the All Blacks, who in their history have won more than anyone else. To confirm this value sharing, already celebrated by the new Stralis and Trakker, on the occasion of its launch the new Daily 4x4 is presented in black livery and bright green tattoos recalling the unmistakable All Blacks’ feature.


The new Daily 4x4 was created sharing the same values of the most famous rugby team in the world, the All Blacks, thus along the lines Iveco adopted for designing the new Stralis and Trakker models. In addition to the four Iveco values – Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit – Daily 4x4 inherits the Stralis’ product value too, Power, to reaffirm one of the strong points which distinguish the excellence of Iveco engineering solutions.


For Daily 4x4, Power means offering the extremely modern 3 litre EGR engine with a rated power of 176 Cv and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. An efficient, reliable engine, with optimized power and torque delivery over a wide range of engine speeds to ensure maximum power availability in arduous conditions – the highest performing engine in its class.


Daily 4x4 Commitment is the sense of responsibility for the customer’s business without forgetting the comfort and safety of those who spends most of their time in a truck. The close family relationship between new Daily and the other vehicles in the Iveco range is clearly evident: highly ergonomic cabins, enhanced driver comfort comparable with road vehicles. But Daily 4x4 customers are also offered a unique design, because respecting who drives also means to offer them a truck in which it is good to be seen.


For Daily 4x4 it means keeping promises: product reliability, durability and high safety standards in every situation. Reliability for Daily 4x4 means also flexibility for body builder intervention supported by a wide range of transmission and transfer box PTOs, easily dependable body builder electric connections, and more.


Daily 4x4 Performance is supporting the customer’s business value. It means raising productivity and reducing running costs. Daily 4x4 assets are optimised bodybuilder intervention, servicing downtime, and consumption. Daily 4x4’s new chassis electrical system improves flexibility for body builder intervention and periodic servicing. Periodic maintenance time is minimised in order that the vehicle spends as much time as possible working hard. Always a vital consideration is fuel cost. Daily 4x4’s Euro 4 engine returns excellent fuel consumption.

Team Spirit

It means working alongside the customer for the whole vehicle life: during the product development, through the work of the Iveco skilled designers and R%25D centres which involves the Customer in the design stage; during the purchase, with the support of skilled dealers and financing solutions to meet all company needs; during the vehicle operation, through the daily work of a 24/7 call centre and an efficient and widespread service network (more than 3000 service points in over 100 countries).


The new Daily family is now complete with the launch of the new Daily 4x4. After only little more than a year in production the success of the new product is phenomenal. New Daily 4x4 shares many of the new Daily features although as a purpose built off road vehicle many features are new. One feature of new Daily 4x4 that has been a strong feature of Daily from day one is a separate chassis to ensure ease of body mounting and robust in operation. New Daily 4x4 has a closed box structure for the forward section of the frame.


New Iveco Daily 4x4 is born of the collaboration between professionals; the professional users of working vehicles and the professional vehicle manufacturer able to realise the reality of this exceedingly successful vehicle.


Following the extremely successful launch of the new Iveco Daily in May 2006 the new Daily 4x4 version now makes its official debut.

This ensures a robust foundation able to withstand the high stresses imposed by off road operation in the most arduous of conditionsThis coupled to parabolic leaf springs on which are mounted the drive axles serving to provide positive axle location and high axle articulation necessary for traction under arduous off road conditions.

Cab and chassis features The new Daily 4x4 cab is very much of the new Daily family with a frontal aspect immediately recognisable as a member of the Iveco family of industrial vehicles. The cab is mounted high on the chassis frame to provide an uncompromised suspension travel provision and steps are provided for the driver and passengers to assist in cab access. New also is the front bumper housing fog and dipped beam headlamp units. As well as the normal and wide angle mirrors mounted on the side of the cab, new Daily 4x4 is equipped with a close proximity mirror on the passenger side of the vehicle allowing the driver to see obstacles in this often blind area of the vehicle. The rear view mirrors are available with either short mirror arms, suitable for the 2.0 m width of the vehicle, or long mirror arms to suit a body up to 2.3 m wide. The mirrors also house the side mounted direction indicator lights. Underrun protection is provided at the rear of the chassis which provides protection to vehicles in the event of a rear end collision. In order not to compromise off road operation, the underrun protection bar may be swivelled upwards and locked in position.

Inside the cab is very much new Daily with the driver comforts associated with an on road vehicle. Special features such as the automatic door window drop by 12 mm to ease door closing introduced for new Daily is brought to new Daily 4x4. New are the driver and passenger assistance handles to aid entrance to and egress from the cab. Differential lock switches and transfer box controls are mounted within easy reach of the driver as are the document and other storage facilities introduced with new Daily. DIN slots are included for radio and tachograph, if required, and an optionally available third site in the roof header.

Standard seating comprises a single 3 position driver’s seat and a dual passenger seat. Driver and the outer passenger seating positions are equipped with 3 point lap and diagonal seat belts with a 2 point lap seat belt for the central passenger position. Optionally available is a 3 point lap and diagonal seat belt for the central passenger position. Further options are available to enhance driver and passenger comfort adding seat heating and/or suspension mounting for the driver and single passenger seat.

The engine

At the heart of new Daily 4x4 is the Iveco 3.0 litre HPT engine. This four cylinder 16 valve Diesel engine equipped with variable geometry turbocharger and high pressure common rail fuel injection equipment provides class leading performance. 400 Nm of torque over an engine speed range of 1250 to 3000 rev/min and a rated power of 176 Cv over an engine speed range of 3200 to 3500 rev/min is the best in its class. The engine is certified to the Euro 4 tail pipe emissions requirements using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to control combustion generated NOx and a Diesel particulate filter (DPF) to prevent the emission of particulate matter. The management of the engine ensures continuous regeneration of the DPF device even under light engine load conditions such as stationary operation of driven implements by the power take off.

The transmission

The ZF 6S400 overdrive six speed transmission is coupled to the Iveco transfer box to provide continuous 4 wheel drive. The transfer box houses a third differential and a differential lock as standard equipment. The drive from the transfer box to the front and rear axles provides a torque distribution of 32%25 to the front axle and 68%25 to the rear axle in order to provide the best on and off road performance under all conditions of loading. Transfer box controls provide for high, low and neutral drive ratios, selectable with the vehicle in motion and, for on and off road conditions selectable with the vehicle at rest. Overall this provides for 24 forward drive ratios and 4 reverse ratios.

The drive axles

Iveco drive axles connected by transmission shafts to the transfer box have a final drive ratio of 4.875:1. The rear axle is equipped with a differential lock as standard equipment with the front axle differential lock available as a production option. An auxiliary power unit (APU) provides an electro hydraulic control facility by which differential locks are actuated. The differential locks may be activated with the vehicle in motion and may be deactivated manually; deactivation will be made automatically however as a function of vehicle speed. Power take off (PTO) provision is available from the transmission and from the transfer box with a range of factory fitted PTOs available. Transfer box PTOs may be used under static conditions and with the vehicle in motion. 9.5R17.5 on road tyres are used as standard equipment with off road 255/100R16 tyres as optional equipment for both 3.5 t and 5.5 t models.

The Suspension

Parabolic leaf springs provide the dual role of axle location and vehicle suspension. 3.5 t models use a 2 leaf pack for the front axle and a 3 leaf pack for the rear while 5.5 t versions use 3 and 4 leaf packs for the front and rear respectively. Hydraulic dampers are used front and rear and suspension stabilisers provide the anti roll function. The 3.5 t versions may be specified with the 5.5 t suspension system to provide a heavy duty option.

The Braking system

The braking system specification is the same for both 3.5 t and 5.5 t versions having twin piston disc brake sets (297 mm dia.) for the front axle and drum brakes (270 mm dia.) for the rear. Mechanical brake force distribution is used for all models under vehicle operation with differential locks applied. The Antilock Brake System (ABS), standard on 5.5 t versions and optional on 3.5 t versions provides an electronic brake force distribution under driving conditions when the differential locks are not engaged. The ABS system may be switched off for certain off road conditions.

The Electrical system

New Daily 4x4 uses the CAN architecture electrical system introduced with new Daily with additional functionality to manage transfer box PTOs and differential lock operation. Instrument cluster variations, door lock and window control management are all carried over. Radio with remote control on the steering wheel is not used on new Daily 4x4 since such application is not compatible with off road application. The 110 Ah lead acid battery in combination with the 120 A alternator is used as standard equipment with the heavy duty 140 A alternator available as an option.

Integrated electronic road speed limiters are included as standard equipment. 3.5 t versions are calibrated at 110 km/h as standard with 120 km/h calibration optionally available with on road tyres only. 5.5 t models are calibrated at 90 km/h as standard with 100 km/h calibrations with off road tyres and 120 km/h with on road tyres as optional equipment. Both 3.5 t and 5.5 t models are optionally available with an adjustable road speed limiter allowing the driver to set intermediate road speed limits according to the actual legal road speed limits applicable. Cruise control is used for PTO engine speed management and is included as standard equipment.


Mirrors: Long Mirror Arms, Electrically Heated and Adjustable Mirrors; Air Conditioning: Automatic Air Conditioning, 170 cm%B3 Air Conditioning Compressor; Alternator: 140 A Alternator; Power Take Off: Transfer Box Group 2, Transfer Box Group 3, Transfer Box ISO 4H, Transfer Box Flange, Gearbox Type 23Z2; Trailer Towing: Towing hook, 12V 13 pin Trailer Socket; Differential Lock: Front Axle; Radio &Navigation: Radio &CD Player, Radio, CD &MP3 Player, Navigator with Radio, CD &MP3 PlayerwBlue Tooth Control, DIN Header Storage; Seating: Heated Driver’s Seat, Driver’s Suspended Seat with Lumber Support, Heated Driver’s Suspended Seat with Lumber Support, Single Passenger Seat, Twin Passenger Seat with 3 Point Centre Seat Belt, Delete Passenger Seat, Single Passenger 3 way Adjustable Seat; Suspension: Heavy Duty Suspension for 3,5 t versions; Braking: Antilock Braking System for 3,5 t versions; Tyres: 255/100R16 Off-Road Tyres; Speed Limiter: 120 km/h speed limiter, Adjustable Speed Limiter; Various Heated Windscreen, Pollen Filter, Engine Water Heater, Remote Central Locking, Remote Central Locking with Alarm, Vertical Exhaust Pipe.

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