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Range & Services (Italian Market)

The Alfa Romeo MiTo is designed for and demanding customers who love to stand out in a crowd and offers two specification levels (Progression and Distinctive); two special Packs (Sport and Premium); 7 different seat trims plus upholstery in top quality ‘Pelle Frau’ leather; 2 Progression interior colours with Sprint dashboard; 3 interior colours with Competizione dashboard; 2 seat colours for the Sport Pack; 3 ‘Pelle Frau’ colours complete the range of interiors. Five types of alloys are also available (from 16’ to 18’) and 10 body shades, of which 5 metallic, that reflect every facet of the sporting soul of the new Alfa Romeo (no fewer than 6 colours have been introduced for the first time on the Alfa Romeo MiTo). These are then combined with 2 non-standard colours for the taillight and headlight frames (in addition to the specific Progression and Distinctive colours) and the frames may also be body-coloured as an option This broad and diverse range confirms the unique nature of the new model.

Innovative services and custom purchase packages for MiTo

Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services, a captive finance company set up as a joint venture in partnership with Crédit Agricole, has chosen to support the sale of the Alfa Romeo MiTo with very different financial products that share a single goal: making the purchase of the new Alfa Romeo dream a reality. For this reason, the product concepts have taken into consideration the characteristics of the target audience for the new Alfa Romeo mini on all the major markets in which Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services operates: old-school ‘Alfisti’ on the one hand and the new generation of ‘Alfisti’ on the other.


In detail, the response offered by Fiat Group Automobiles Financial to the old-school ‘Alfisti’ has taken the form of a very simple and immediate finance package based on a single value: accessibility. The finance means that customers will be guaranteed the possibility of calculating the instalment amount most appropriate for them and their monthly budget.

Once instalments has been set and only the deposit and duration of finance have been varied, all customers will be able to buy any version of the MiTo, even the best equipped, with any level of personalisation, thus turning their dream into reality.

For those coming to Alfa Romeo for the first time, particularly younger customers, the finance package aims to win over a new generation of customers and turn them into the ‘Alfisti' of tomorrow. Packages able to win these customers are being finalized within all the markets where Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services operate: Various finance structures including instalment plans with a guaranteed residual value for the car, and leasing with a final buy-back option and conventional leasing. In Italy, for example, Sava offers AlfaPiù: This is a finance plan with duration ranging up to three years, that incorporate classic Insurance Services within the finance (fire/theft and fully comprehensive) with the advantage to customers that they can benefit from a Future Guaranteed value for their Alfa MiTo.

When the contract expires, customers can decide whether to buy a new Alfa, simply give back the car or carry on driving their own MiTo by paying or refinancing the remaining final instalment.

Report & Photos: Fiat Group Automobiles