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MiTo and the language of the young

The Alfa Romeo MiTo is destined for a youthful, dynamic audience and has been the subject of numerous original campaigns designed for people to get to know the car in every detail and also to make it the star of this summer’s musical events.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo web and digital projects

Alfa Romeo’s aim is to travel at the same speed as the new generation of ‘Alfisti’ for whom the Alfa Romeo MiTo has been created. The communication media most familiar and close to this audience of 18-30 year olds are first and foremost digital media, the internet and mobile phones. For this reason, the brand has decided to use digital vocabulary, advertising the Alfa Romeo MiTo using increasingly innovative platforms. In particular, Alfa Romeo intends to control the internet in corporate terms and also through campaigns to promote social networking and the active involvement of browsers.

The redesign brand website attracts more than 220,000 hits each month for a total of 1.3 million pages. It devotes its home page to the Alfa Romeo MiTo and also a special information section packed with copy, photographs and 3D images. On 19 June it will also offer the opportunity of configuring Alfa Romeo's new baby., the first brand blog written and managed in 5 languages, dedicated to the Alfa Romeo MiTo and all fans of the car, is a bold attempt to take control of the blogosphere. This platform is innovative because it makes available content relating to the car (that members can comment upon) but also makes stars of the bloggers themselves. The proposed video content is produced together with users: The block editors identify the young people who are most active on the site and invite them to live out an entire ‘Alfa Romeo experience’, a day of test drives, a visit to the historical museum and a tour of the style centre. The pivotal moment of this full immersion in the world of Alfa is a test drive of the Mito on a track with expert drivers and a meeting with the technicians, designers and engineers who helped to develop the car.

Alfamitoblog therefore aims to convey product content but also thrilling Alfa Romeo experiences. More than 7000 members, over 500,000 visitors and successful videos on You Tube (and on the You Tube channel set up ad hoc are signs that this campaign is going very well indeed.

And on 19 June, a tool will also go on line that makes it possible to complete a virtual journey in the company of the Alfa Romeo MiTo, a journey when it will be possible to discover the technical specifications of the vehicle and also to configure it interactively by choosing rational parameters and also aspects designed to appeal to the emotions, such as music. This site can be reached through the Alfa Romeo website or by entering It will stimulate the creativity and participation of users who will be able to load what they wish to configure on the Alfa Romeo MiTo model.

With the aim of coming even closer to its target audience and of becoming even more innovative and fully digital, Alfa Romeo has for the first time introduced a large-scale mobile marketing campaign focused on the Alfa Romeo MiTo and active in 10 markets for 10 weeks. Via - a WAP site that can be reached by Internet mobile – you can discover the Alfa Romeo MiTo through video, information and interesting titbits. You can also choose ring tones for your mobile phone from long MiTo playlists. The campaign also takes the form of WAP banners and recall actions (carried out during the open door event period) by means of SMSs and MMSs that indicate the nearest dealers where you can find and test an Alfa Romeo MiTo.


Alfa Romeo MiTo and Music: An Alfa Red summer

Passion for music and the energy of big live concerts are two main concepts that find an immediate association with the values that the new Alfa Romeo vehicle sets out to convey. Urban spaces in great metropolises that become arenas for one night only, pouring vitality and force into the city, are the ideal places for the Alfa Romeo MiTo to show itself to its audience: dynamic, agile and passionate.

For this reason, the new car will link its name to the key events of the Italian summer of music, confirming its desire as a brand to support music in all forms. Alfa Romeo has always been a byword for emotion and sportiness and approaches the world of the young by offering them good-looking, high-performing and safe cars while also exploring sponsoring cultural events that most effectively express dynamism and energy.

Chiming perfectly with this communication strategy, this summer the ‘sportiest mini’ will accompany top level concerts, bands, singers and sessions. The Alfa Romeo MiTo will adopt this varied and direct approach to mark the values it shares with Music through its star-studded array of past and present legendary and mythical cars. The very name, ‘MiTo’ or myth, has a strong evocative meaning.

First of all, the Alfa Romeo MiTo will be the Main Sponsor of the 2008 edition of La Milanesiana, a festival staged from 27 June to 11 July with 33 dates on the calendar and 120 international guests on the bill. In the same way, the brand will also again act as Main Sponsor (again with a new car) of the fifth edition of Traffic, one of the most important contemporary musical events in Europe, due to take place in Turin from 8 to 12 July. This year, the main theme will be punk music and the rock scene in general, to celebrate the reunion of one of the most symbolic bands of this genre: the Sex Pistols.

For the first time in its history, the Turinese festival will reach the Lombard capital of Milan to seal the special relationship linking the cities of Milan and Turin, as embodied by the name of the new Alfa Romeo car. This extraordinary event is set for 7 July, when the brand will organise an event entitled ‘Alfa Romeo MiTo presents Traffic at MJF08’: a free concert by Justice, a well-known electronic music duo of French origin who will play at the Milan Arena Civica. The evening will take place on the eve of MJF08 (the Milano Jazzin’ Festival 2008) to promote Traffic and the Alfa Romeo MiTo in a privileged context. will be the web platform made available to users who register their tickets for the Justice concert on 7 July in Milan.

From 8 July, Alfa Romeo MiTo will also be Presenting Sponsor of MJF08, the ‘Music park in the heart of Milan’. This major event, which is now into its second year, will represent a kaleidoscope of concerts, cultural and artistic events and shows linked by the common denominator of 'good music': Lenny Kravitz, REM, Pat Metheny, Paul Simon and Subsonica, are only some examples of the artists involved.

Alfa Romeo MiTo will accompany these and other artists on days when performances take place and will also be permanently present near the Arena Civica in Milan, one of the city’s symbolic sites that will act as the heart of MJF08. Not to mention the fact that the Alfa Romeo MiTo will sponsor MJF Club, an exclusive place within the Palazzina Civica of Parco Sempione where it will be possible to meet musical artists and celebrities.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo will also sponsor ‘MITO SettembreMusica’, an International Music Festival Internazionale that will join, for the second year running, the cities of Milan and Turin in a crowded calendar of music that will range from classic to contemporary and jazz to rock taking in world music and pop on the way.

Report & Photos: Fiat Group Automobiles