2002 Paris International Motor Show
75th Paris International Motor Show Preview   28th September - 13th October 2002


The 75th Paris International Motor Show, which opens on the 28th September, is of major significance to the Italian Automotive Industry, with a number of major new model debuts. For Fiat, after a dreadful year of massive losses, cost-cutting and the sacking of their CEO, the event sees the public launch of the Fiat Stilo SW and the chance to show an upbeat front. Alfa Romeo debut the eagerly anticipated 147 GTA, while over at Ferrari, celebrating another successful F1 season, the Enzo Ferrari supercar, undoubtedly to become on of the stars of the show, makes its European public debut. Ferrari's sister company, Maserati, will bring scale models of next years Quattroporte and will announce the Cambiocorsa Trofeo race series.


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>>> Alfa Romeo

the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA makes its debut at next weeks Paris Motor Show

Place of honour on the Alfa Romeo stand at the Paris International Motor Show is reserved for the GTA family, particularly the latest arrival, the 147 GTA, whose world premiere has been timed to coincide with the French Show. 

The area devoted to this exhilarating, sporty family is triangle-shaped. A 147 GTA occupies the tip of the triangle and also the very centre of the stand. It is positioned on a rotating stand in a dark colour to emphasise the model's Alfa Red livery. The other two corners of the exhibition triangle are occupied by a 156 GTA saloon and, higher up, the Alfa 156 GTA raced by Fabrizio Giovanardi in the Fia ETCC 2002 Championship. 

A glass showcase near the cars displays the heart of the GTA: a 3.2 V6 24V capable of thrilling racing-quality performance yet ideal for everyday use. 
The new Alfa 147 further extends the blue-blooded GTA sports car family that is renowned for reinterpreting Alfa Romeo's proud tradition of motorsport and victory in the light of cutting-edge motor engineering. Cars that can offer more, even than other Alfas: more performance, more handling, more braking capacity. In other words, the dynamic behaviour of a car that spices your everyday driving experience with racetrack sensation. 

The new 147 is part not merely of the GTA family but also the whole Alfa Romeo world, as indicated by its position in the centre of the stand. Hard on the heels of this latest addition to the Alfa stable comes another world premiere: an Alfa 147 equipped with the brand-new 140 bhp 1.9 JTD 16 valve unit. This new car is flanked by an Alfa 147 2.0 T. Spark 16v equipped with Selespeed, the transmission that has proved so popular with our customers. The Selespeed gearbox is no ordinary automatic transmission but a manual gearbox with robotised action that combines the convenience of an automatic device with the operating speed of a conventional control. You can also choose a conventional up-and-down joystick-type clutch, or steering wheel controls located behind the rim. 

Near the power units you can see two facias equipped with the CONNECT system (one is from the 156 and the other from the 147). These allow visitors first-hand experience of the many functions and service access options offered by this in-car telematic system. A huge screen above the stations projects attractive images of the new Alfa 147 GTA. 

The French Show also plays host to two New Alfa 156s equipped with the 2.0 JTS and the new 140 bhp 1.9 JTD 16v units respectively. The spotlights on another part of the stand are trained on a stylish 150 bhp Alfa 166 2.4 JTD and a Spider 2.0 T. Spark 16V L that represents Alfa's niche models. 

All these desirable models are arranged in an exhibition area made out of burnished metal and steel, all in shades of metallic red and grey: the colours that perennially represent the sportiness and sophisticated technology of Alfa cars. For the first time on an Alfa stand, a car is positioned on the press mezzanine: naturally it is a 147 GTA in the original Nuvola White shade. 

>>> 147 GTA
>>> 156
>>> 156 GTA and Sportwagon GTA
>>> 166
>>> Spider
>>> 140 bhp 16v 1.9 JTD engine

>>> Ferrari

without doubt Ferrari's 660 bhp Enzo supercar will be one of the show's stars

Undoubtedly one of the stars of the forthcoming Paris Motor Show will be the new Enzo Ferrari supercar which makes its European public debut. The Enzo is the long awaited successor to the F40 and F50 line. Ferrari believe that they have built a pure supercar which pushes the boundary's onwards, and a car worth of carrying their founder's name. The 6-litre V12 "Enzo" produces 660bhp and Ferrari claim it is a pure transfer of F1 technology to road use.

Fresh from their crushing domination of this years Formula One Grand Prix World Championship, Ferrari will bring one of the successful F1 cars which have carried Michael Schumacher to this year driver's title.

>>> 575M
>>> Enzo Ferrari
>>> Enzo Ferrari high resolution images
>>> F2002

>>> Fiat

the Fiat Stilo Station Wagon makes its public debut in Paris

The Fiat stand at the Paris Motor Show has two focal points. First, the world premier of the Fiat Stilo Station Wagon. Plenty of space has therefore been devoted to this model, shown in three versions, all in the Dynamic specification. Two are equipped with 103 bhp 1.6 16v and 133 bhp 1.8 16v petrol engines; the other comes with a 1.9 JTD engine with maximum power of 115 bhp. Exterior styling with great visual impact, a wealth of standard equipment items and, above all, one of the largest luggage compartments in the sector: 510 litres rising to an impressive 1480 with the back seats folded down. Some of the distinctive features of the Fiat Stilo SW are derived from the 5 door version while some are completely new. The luggage compartment, is brand new. It is more accessible than you would expect from a station wagon due to its low load threshold and innovative rear window that opens independently of the tailgate. 

The spotlights are also on the Fiat Ulysse, the people-carrier for customers who want a comfortable, roomy, versatile MPV with plenty of seats that offers great practicality. Two versions are on show: one equipped with a 128 bhp EC 2.2 JTD engine and the with a 109 bhp EC 2.0 16v, both in the Emotion specification.

The French Show would not be complete without 3 and 5-doored versions of the Fiat Stilo. The area set aside for Fiat's medium-sized compact car features a fresh, dynamic setting in the Stilo's own inimitable spirit. Two versions are on show: the five-door version of the 85 kW (115 bhp) 1.9 JTD Dynamic and the three-door 130 bhp 1.8 Dynamic. 

The Stilo is flanked by the Punto, in five-door Dynamic 1.9 JTD and three-door Sporting 1.2 16v versions. A platform features three out-and-out sports cars: a Punto HGT 1.8 and a Stilo 2.4 20v, both with three doors and the Abarth specification package. The third is a Rally Stilo raced in the Fiat Stilo Trophy. 

The new Fiat Multipla, recently improved by the addition of new standard equipment items and options, is shown in the ELX specification with a 115 bhp 1.9 JTD ELX power unit. The array of Fiat models continues with two special versions: the barchetta Naxos and Doblò Malibù, two youthful and informal cars. These are shown alongside the evergreen Seicento Sporting. 

The Paris Show closes with a Fiat Stilo 1.6 three-door version outfitted with special devices to help disabled people to drive. The car represents the Autonomy Programme, the initiative that the Fiat Group started in 1995 to produce cars for drivers with reduced motor capacities. 

On a dedicated stand are ten Fiat light commercial vehicles. These represent one of the most diverse ranges currently available on the market in terms of products, they range from the tiny Panda Van to the Ducato Maxi, and the availability of specifications and solutions for each model. 

>>> Barchetta
>>> Doblo
>>> Ducato
>>> Multipla
>>> Punto
>>> Scudo
>>> Seicento
>>> Stilo
>>> Stilo SW
>>> Ulysse

>>> Lamborghini

The Murcielargo, replacement for the long serving Diablo, now approaching its first anniversary, will dominate the Lamborghini stand in Paris. With a healthy order book for the 580 bhp 6.2-litre V12 supercar, the mood at Lamborghini is upbeat.

Lamborghini watchers will be hoping for some information or detail about the Ferrari 360 Modena-rivalling "Baby Lambo", code name L140, expected to debut at next spring's Geneva Motor Show.

>>> Murcielargo

>>> Lancia

the Lancia Thesis will star on the Lancia stand

The Thesis and the Phedra will dominate the Lancia stand. A rotating stand in glass and stainless steel houses a Tintoretto Bordeaux-coloured 2.4 JTD Executive version of the flagship, the car built to offer customers the satisfaction of driving or being driven in an élite car. Alongside, is another Thesis, the 2.0 Turbo Emblema version in Palladian Grey. A third car stands on a mezzanine floor in the VIP area. 

The area set aside for the Lancia Phedra is also arranged around a circular stand. This is exactly the same size as the Thesis stand but static and therefore accessible to the public. Here you can see a Bramante Red 94 kW (128 bhp) 2.2 jtd 16v. Alongside stands a 204 bhp 3.0 V6 24v version with an automatic transmission in Modigliani Beige. Produced as part of a joint venture with the French PSA group, this MPV-shaped top-class flagship is equipped with an array of safety, comfort and telematic features that set it at the very top of its category. 

The combination of style and technology so typical of all Lancias through the ages is reflected in the stand layout. On one side you can see top-quality materials such as walnut, white Carrara marble and mosaic inserts. On the other, LED screens project advanced graphic images and rotating totems in etched glass that attract attention to the two Lancia flagships. Two workshops containing craftsmen at work remind visitors of Lancia's traditional commitment to workmanship and attention to detail. The craftsmen are a well-known French lutanist making a viola and a tailor who shows visitors how to make bespoke suits and silk ties. 

The Paris Show also provides an opportunity to see the Lancia Lybra Intensa Station Wagon jtd in Fountain Grey, designed for customers who are looking for a beefier version of the model, and lastly a Lancia Y 1.2 LX, in Cardinal Red. 

>>> Lybra
>>> Phedra
>>> Thesis

>>> Maserati

Maserati will bring models and drawings of next years Quattroporte luxury executive saloon

Maserati will release details of the Cambiocorsa Trofeo series for Coupe-based race cars. The protoypes have undergone development testing during the summer, the bulk of the work being carried out by Ferrari F1 test drivers Luca Badoer and Luciano Burti. The Cambiocorsa Trofeo represents the Marque's return to the motorsport arena.

Models and drawings of Maserati's Quattroporte large luxury saloon, due for release at the end of next year will be displayed, while the new Coupe, introduced earlier this year receives a major European public showing alongside the Spyder.

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>>> Coupe Cambiocorsa Trofeo
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>>> Quattroporte

>>> others

Carcerano will bring their Lancia based Grand Tourer

Smaller Italian marques include De Tomaso and the prospective market entrant, Carcerano.

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