Alfa Romeo 2009

Alfa MiTo GTA

Engines: 1.8 T-Jet (240bhp/350Nm). Six-speed gearbox.
FWD, Small platform.

Design: Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

Ferrari 2009


Successor to the F430. Reduced weight and improved emissions compared to F430. 
Direct injection V8, seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox, potential use of monocoque chassis and carbon fibre body.

Fiat 2009

Sedici FL

Suzuki architecture.
Cosmetic makeover to popular 'soft roader'.
Design: Giugiaro.

Grande Punto FL (launch Frankfurt IAA)

Mild facelift for Fiat’s best-selling supermini; based on Small platform.
Upgraded, Bravo-inspired interior and 1.4 Multiair engine.
Design: Fiat Centro Stile.

Future DoblÚ Cargo/Panorama

Engineering work being carried out by Tofaş.
1.4 petrol, 1.3 and 1.6 Multijet. 
Design: Fiat Centro Stile/Tofaş.


Alfa Romeo 2010

Alfa Milano (149) / Code-name 940 (launch January)

Engines: 1.4 T-Jet Multiair (135bhp, 165bhp) and 1.8 T-Jet (235bhp, 265bhp twin-turbo) petrol; 1.6 (120bhp) and 2.0 (170bhp, 220bhp twin-stage turbo) Multijet II diesel. Upgraded Compact (C-Evo) platform with new McPherson strut front/multilink rear suspension. FWD and Q4, Active Roll Control. Design: Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. 5-door C-segment hatchback. 435cm x 180cm x 143cm (L x W x H), wheelbase 263cm.

Fiat 2010

500 Giardinera / SUV

Engines & platform: Lengthened Mini platform (240cm wheelbase), engines as per 500 hatchback.  Potential 4WD version, running gear carried over from Panda 4x4. Small 3-door SW based on the 500. Set to rival Mini Clubman.
Design: Centro Stile Fiat.

Future Panda

Lengthened Mini platform (240cm wheelbase).
New engines including 900cc two-cylinder with Multiair.
Design: Centro Stile Fiat.

Topolino (launch at Geneva Motor Show)

Shortened Mini platform, 3.15m length.
Rear-engined, 900cc two-cylinder SGE.
Design; Centro Stile Fiat.

B-Compact / Uno Weekend

B-Compact platform.
New ‘world car’, replacement for Palio.
Design: Centro Stile Fiat

Bravo FL

Compact platform.
Engines as per Bravo hatchback. Will include SW model.
Design: Centro Stile Fiat

Lancia 2010

Future Ypsilon

Based on 500 Giardiniera platform.  240cm wheelbase.  1.3 Multijet and 1.4 petrol engines.
Five-door only with hidden rear door handles. Similar size to current model, but slightly sportier.
Design: Centro Stile Lancia. 

Maserati 2010

GranTurismo Spyder

M139 GranTurismo platform, soft-top roof. Four seat convertible.
4.2 (405bhp) and 4.7 (440bhp) V8.
Design: Pininfarina.

Alfa Romeo 2011

Future Alfa 159 (Progetto 944)

Engines: Replacement for D-segment Alfa 159 sedan/159 Sportwagon.
LWB C-Evo platform.
Design: Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

Kamal C-Crossover (Progetto 922)

Compact platform derived from Alfa 149.
5-door crossover. Length around 4.6 metres. Alfa Romeo's first production cross-over.
Design: Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

Fiat 2011


Upgraded Compact platform with advanced new McPherson strut front and multilink rear suspension.
All Wheel Drive.
Design: Centro Stile Fiat.

Uno Weekend

B-Compact platform.
Estate version of Uno world car.
Design: Centro Stile Fiat.

Lancia 2011


Engines & platform: Three-door model, around 4.1m in length, filling the gap between new Ypsilon and Delta. Design heavily influenced by 2003 Granturismo Stilnovo concept. Underpinnings TBC, choice between Small or Compact-Evo.
Design: Centro Stile Lancia. 

Future Musa

Engines & platform: TBC.
Replacement for popular Musa 'city limo'.
Design: Centro Stile Lancia.