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The most versatile range in its segment

Because of its modular body design, the New Ducato has always been able to offer the right solution for all urban and interurban light transport requirements, however complicated they may be. The vehicle range is extremely diversified and offers more than 2000 versions, 150 options and 120 colours. These are distributed between:

Goods transport versions (vans/trucks with single and crew cabs), people carrying versions (Panorama, Combi; Minibus and School bus) and bases for conversion shops and body shops (Chassis cabs, Low loaders, Chassis cowls, Crew cabs, Tractor cabs)
2 mechanical categories: 15 wheels (GVW from 3, 3.3 and 3.5 tonnes) and 16 wheels (3.5 to 4 tonnes)
Payload (including the driver) from 1 to 2 tonnes
3 wheelbases (3000, 3450, 4035 mm) and 4 lengths for Vans
Exterior length: from 5 to 6.4 metres


Interior length: from 2.7 to 4.1 metres
Load compartment interior width: 187 centimetres. Width between wheelarches greater than 142 cm (a true record for the segment)
3 interior heights from 166 to 217 centimetres
7 load compartment volumes from 8 to 17 m3 (all bodies are in sheet steel, even the superhigh versions)
3 different sliding side door and rear door sizes
Reduced loading platform ground clearance (53 centimetres);
4 wheelbases (3000, 3450, 3800, 4035 mm) and 5 lengths for chassis cab and chassis cowl versions
Maximum permitted loads up to 2100 kg on the front axle and up to 2400 kg on the rear
All customers can find their very own bespoke New Ducato in this wide product range. The new vehicle can also be fitted with tubeless radial tyres: versions with 15 wheels are fitted as standard with 215/70 tyres (225/70 tyres are options, as are 215/70 tyres for camping cars) while versions with 16 wheels are fitted as standard with 215/75 tyres (options are 225/75 and 225/75 for camping cars).

Report & Photos: Fiat Auto