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Another Fiat Auto model that is pursuing the environmentally friendly pathway that is a fundamental guiding philosophy in model development is the new ‘Panda Panda’, unveiled last month at the Paris Motor Show due to go on sale next January. The Fiat Group’s commitment to the environment observes two guiding principles:

• improve the eco-compatibility of conventional engines;
• put resources into the development of alternative drive systems.

In its ongoing quest for innovative solutions, Fiat considers that methane power units are now the most appropriate and available technological option for overcoming the problem of pollution in urban areas. Fiat has been world leader in the field of alternative petrol/methane power units for more than 10 years and is now the first manufacturer to offer a ‘Natural Power’ environmentally friendly line with an extensive range of green vehicles.

Smart, practical, fun and environmentally sound: these are the distinctive features of ‘Panda Panda’ the new minimum environmental impact vehicle equipped with a 1.2 8v engine with dual petrol/methane fuel system. This original Natural Power sets out to become the new benchmark in the sustainable urban mobility vehicle scenario. The ‘Panda Panda’ is even more innovative because it overcomes the compromises typical of methane cars.


The floorpan, derived from the 4x4 version, incorporates two separate methane tanks, each with a capacity of 72 litres. The two tanks fitted in this way allow the same amount of room as on the original car for both passenger and luggage (approximately 200 litres with the rear seats upright). The position chosen for the two tanks beneath the floorpan is the best in the safety field. The 72-litre capacity allows an unexpectedly superior mileage range that is about 300 kilometres when only methane is used. The fuel tank capacity remains unchanged compared to the petrol version (30 litres) thus ensuring peace of mind even where methane suppliers are thin on the ground.

The ‘Panda Panda’ confirms Fiat’s leadership in the methane sector and its continuous quest to find solutions that reconcile customer needs with the greatest respect for the environment. Methane vehicles reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 23% compared to the equivalent petrol vehicles and reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions to practically zero. Emissions when the car is driven in methane mode amount to 114g of CO2 /Km compared to 146g of CO2 /Km in petrol mode (combined cycle).

The ‘Panda Panda’ will also be available with a Dynamic specification for a car packed with creature comforts that may be customised on the basis of individual requirements. The new Panda version is also ideal for small company fleets since it can be driven around freely in any city centre.
Altogether, the ‘Panda Panda’ represents a natural balance between driving satisfaction, respect for the environment, high range and low fuel consumption. Dual energy taking you in one direction.

Report & Photos: Fiat Auto