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Continuing the innovative direction pursued for the launch of the latest Fiat Auto models, Fiat Auto Financial Services has designed some new, comprehensive finance packages that complement finance with high added value services and also meet the specific needs of customers who buy the New Ypsilon.

Fiat Auto Financial Services offers a range of finance and hire opportunities that are increasingly in line with the features of model benchmarks. All formulas include bespoke finance plans with or without down-payments, low monthly instalments and a guaranteed minimum buyback price, as in the case of the Lancia Più package described below.

In Italy Sava, a company that specialises in finance products for the Fiat/Lancia/AlfaRomeo network and a market leader, has developed two different products in conjunction with Lancia: - an instalment plan that is ideal for ensuring young people maximum access to the product. This is available without any down-payment and features a long pay-back period with low instalments; - ‘LANCIA PIÙ’, a new product that allows customers to drive a new car at all times while paying only for actual use: flexible down-payment, 25 month duration, low instalments and the certainty of a Future Guaranteed Value for the car upon expiry of the agreement.


Customers can choose one of three options at the end of the agreement: 1) change the car and buy a new one, 2) keep the car and pay a final settlement payment or simply 3) return the car having only paid for its effective use.

All these products are complemented by more conventional finance packages, such as instalment plans lasting 12 to 72 months that may be combined with flexible insurance services covering passengers and the car. Leasing plans are ideal for tradespeople, professionals and freelance workers because they are able to use the car without owning it and without tying up their capital. They can also choose the agreement duration (24 to 60 months), the down-payment and the final redemption value.

Other long-term hire options are available to meet the needs of companies and professionals who wish to use and appreciate only the benefits of the New Ypsilon. Hire options allow customers to deal only with the hire company and do away with all the hassle of running a car (car tax, insurance, servicing, repairs, breakdown services etc.). For the Italian Market, Savarent has introduced two new insurance services designed to safeguard your driving licence against any inconvenience that you may suffer from losing some/all of your points or the withdrawal/suspension of your driving licence. In particular, ‘SOS driving licence’, a policy that pays out a daily sum of compensation/reimbursement if your license is suspended/withdrawn.

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