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Maximum safety

Lanciaís pocket flagship offers the pick of the current crop of active and passive safety devices.  The New Ypsilon offers personality packed styling, up-to-date and dependable mechanical components, a wealth of features and great comfort. It is also very safe. The safety comes not so much from individual components but the sum of all the parts adopted to make our pocket flagship one of the safest cars in its segment.

Stable, effective braking plus good pick-up ensured by the carís power units and predictable handling allow the New Ypsilon to sail serenely through critical situations. Great care has also gone into passive safety to mitigate the consequences of possible accidents. Hence the entire range is fitted as standard with driver airbags, passenger airbags and two curtain-bags (an option on the Argento version). You can also order sidebags as options, to protect the pelvis and chest of front passengers in the case of side impact.


Three-point seat-belts on front seats and rear side seats are also standard on all versions of the New Ypsilon. Amongst other things, the front belts come with a pretensioner and are height adjustable. Lastly, all the head-restraints are designed to ensure maximum safety as well as good comfort. They are height adjustable and can also be locked in each position to ensure the great possible functionality under all service conditions.

The new Lancia Ypsilon model range also features technically sophisticated products to ensure effective car control by the driver (active safety). These include a latest-generation ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), and the sophisticated ESP (Electronic Stability Program). The ESP programme cuts into action under extreme conditions when car stability is at risk and also helps the driver to control the car. The ESP is also combined with a Hill Holder system to help the driver during hill starts, and an HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistance) for help during emergency stops.

Report & Photos: Fiat Auto